‘The Voice’ Cuts the Top 13 Down To 11

by Jonathan Howard

Last night was a very entertaining and eye-opening episode of The Voice. Now, the Top 13 has been cut to 11 with two acts going home. America’s vote was able to save 10 artists with the 11th being a Wildcard Instant Save. Let’s get into it.

So, during the performances last night there were those that stuck out more than others. While everyone performed well, there were others that went above and beyond during their time on stage. Out of the top-10 saved by America’s vote, Team Kelly and Team Blake each got three artists through. Meanwhile, Team Ariana and Team Legend had two apiece.

Those acts that were saved by the vote are as follows: Girl Named Tom (Kelly), Jershika Maple (Legend), Holly Forbes (Ariana), Wendy Moten (Blake), Hailey Mia (Kelly), Joshua Vacanti (Legend), Jim and Sasha Allen (Ariana), Paris Winningham (Blake), Jeremy Rosado (Kelly), and Lana Scott (Blake).

There were a few acts that stood out to me last night. Girl Named Tom performing Dust in the Wind. Then Moten took on Blue Bayou. Not to mention Jeremy Rosado brought tears to Kelly Clarkson’s eyes with his Celine Dion cover. That’s all fine and dandy. But, one more artist made the Top 11 with the Wildcard Instant Save.

It was down to Shadale, Gymani, or Ryleigh Plank. After all, was said and done, the artist America decided to save… Gymani from Team Kelly. So, now Shadale and Plank leave The Voice. Last night was a night of well-done performances. However, there were just so many others that had good or great performances. With the Top 11 selected, things just get harder from here. If an act doesn’t bring their best next week they could be joining the two that went home this week.

‘The Voice’ Top 13 Performances Rocked the Stage

So, there were plenty of noteworthy performances last night in the Top 13. As mentioned above, Ryleigh Plank was sent packing. Her performance of Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac might have been her best of the season. However, it wasn’t good enough to overcome the other singers. That’s why she ended up going home.

Lana Scott, the country sensation on Team Blake was able to deliver a strong performance. I don’t think she was even sweating having to go home. Her rendition of Tim McGraw’s Humble and Kind. Shelton loved it and so did America, voting Scott through to the next round.

Girl Named Tom took The Voice stage and delivered as they usually do. They took on Dust in the Wind and got every part down just right. The band made parts of it their own with a unique flair here and there as well. Overall, it was a great night for Team Kelly who had four acts move on to next week. That is so impressive.