‘The Voice’ Star Blake Shelton Definitely Needs a ‘Stunt Double’ for New Music Video

by Jonathan Howard

Blake Shelton has been doing country music for a long time and making music videos just as long. His latest has him wanting a stunt double.

Shelton’s latest single, Come Back As A Country Boy, needs a music video that matches the intense lyrics. So, it makes sense that he would need to take some risks on the filming of the video. He says he might need a fill-in, but he’s just exaggerating we think.

Check out the Instagram video below and see for yourself.

“I think it’s time to look into a stunt double for these videos,” the caption reads.

In the video he says, “So here we are we’re shooting this big epic moment in the music video. And Sophie had the idea, ‘Hey Blake why don’t you go stand on the edge of this giant 300ft cliff with a waterfall, death fall down below you.’ The things I do for Sophie and my music videos…I’m hoping it’s going to turn out good. I guess we’ll see,” he said stumbling every now and then.

Always one to crack jokes and give someone a hard time. We’re sure Sophie gets a lot of this from Blake Shelton. We love it because it’s so like him to be deadpan and dry in his humor.

Blake Shelton Has Come A Long Way Since ‘Austin’

It was all the way back in 2001 when Shelton released his first album. On that self-titled record, he had the No. 1 hit single Austin. The song helped catapult his career and looking back there are a lot of differences between then and now.

In 2001, Blake Shelton was rocking hair past his shoulders with some great-looking curls. When it came to recording the music video for his hit song, there is a big difference between his recent stuff and that video. For starters, he didn’t have to stand on a cliff to get an epic shot.

Instead, the video was mostly a green screen. And it wasn’t a good green screen either. However, we are willing to forgive him for that due to the great song that was behind it. His sideburns dropped straight down out of his cowboy hat as he sat in his red Mustang convertible and sang in a large studio. Not a cliff or waterfall in sight.

All these years later and the song is still great. In fact, it got a new duet rendition recently featuring one of Shelton’s The Voice coaches. John Legend and Carrie Underwood got together and sang the tune. It was an amazing version of the song even though they just sat with a Yamaha keyboard and sang sitting down backstage.