‘The Voice’ Star Blake Shelton Just Proved He’s the Master at Insults

by Maggie Schneider

The country star roasts two judges of “The Voice” in one fell swoop. Your move, Kelly Clarkson and Adam Levine.

It is no secret that Blake Shelton is a funny guy. The country superstar is competitive on “The Voice.” So competitive, that fans expect his hilarious roasts of other judges.

In his latest interview with Jimmy Fallon, Shelton first throws some light-hearted shade at Kelly Clarkson. After Fallon says that her team is his favorite, Shelton responds with a petty comeback.

“The only thing I worry about with [Girl Named Tom] is that they’re on Kelly’s team,” Shelton says. He goes on to funnily question Clarkson as a coach.

“While Kelly is a great person, and an incredible artist and a great talk show host, she is hands down the worst coach we’ve ever heard on The Voice in 21 seasons of doing the show. The worst we’ve ever had.”

This is when it gets interesting. Fallon brings up ex-coach Adam Levine to Shelton. Viewers are aware of their frenemy bits on “The Voice.” While Levine’s time as a judge ended in 2019, their onscreen quarrels are not forgotten.

“The Tonight Show” host asks Shelton if Clarkson is worse than Adam Levine as a judge. Without hesitation, Shelton corrects his statement.

“She is the SECOND worst coach that we’ve ever had on this show for sure, without question,” he says. The audience roars with laughter and Fallon leaves his late show desk.

Of course, this is all in good fun. Both judges of “The Voice” have an eye for spotting talent. In Shelton’s 20 seasons with “The Voice,” he wins during 8 different years. Clarkson, with 7 years under her belt, has 3 wins. Fresh judge Ariana Grande is quick to mention that Clarkson’s winning percentage rate is higher than Shelton’s rate. Either way, fans are looking forward to seeing the outcome of Season 21.

Blake Shelton On His Wedding

During his same interview with Jimmy Fallon, Shelton talks about his wedding day. His relationship with Gwen Stefani is beloved by fans. Before asking about Shelton’s new album, Fallon throws a curveball. He asks why he was not invited to the couple’s wedding.

“I mean I didn’t hear from you or anything,” Fallon starts. “I just remember not being invited.”

“We only had room for one NBC host and so we invited Carson [Daly],” Shelton quips back.

“Anyways, it seemed like a blast. Did you save me a piece of cake?” Fallon responds. The bit continues as Fallon shares two cute pictures of Shelton and Stefani as kids. They are wearing almost matching outfits in the photo. The comedian does not expect the country singer’s response.

“That’s back when Gwen and I used to be brother and sister.”

It is hard to choose who is the funniest on this latest episode of “The Tonight Show.” For more fun banter [and music], we will just have to watch another week of “The Voice.”