‘The Voice’ Star Cassadee Pope Reflects on Her Time on the Show

by Taylor Cunningham

Cassadee Pope has mixed feelings about her time on The Voice. And the singer is certain she won’t be heading back to compete on the show in the future.

In 2012, Cassadee Pope, lead singer of Hey Monday, joined a list of hopeful vocalists on The Voice. Cassadee’s time on the NBC stage left her with some worthwhile memories. And she’s glad she took a chance on the series.

“I got to sing with Avril Lavigne, who’s a hero of mine. I’ve always loved Avril,” she told The List. “I got to sing with The Killers for one of their performances as a guest. I got to sing with Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton, so I think my favorite moments were when I actually got to collaborate with the artists that I’m inspired by.”

Cassadee was on Team Blake, and working with the CMA-winning crooner was another highlight from her experience. Cassadee became personal friends with Blake Shelton, and they keep in touch to this day.

“He actually hosted my album release party a few years ago back in his bar, Ole Red here in Nashville, which was really sweet,” she shared. “And he’s just always been super supportive and encouraging ever since the show, so he’s awesome.”

Cassadee Pope’s ‘The Voice’ Experience Wasn’t All Fun and Games

But competing on The Voice wasn’t an all-around great time for Cassadee Pope. Because her wonderful memories are often overshadowed by terrifying emotions.

Singing for the series was so stressful that sometimes she can’t even watch current episodes without re-living those feelings.

“I do watch it,” she admitted. “I do have to take breaks because I do know the anxiety and the stress all of these artists are feeling in these situations. So sometimes, if it’s a very high-stake situation, it’s really nerve-racking for me, I might have to just walk away for a minute and then come back because I just, I know what they’re going through and it’s so hard.”

Appearing on The Voice was a career-boosting choice for the Grammy Nominated singer, and she never regrets competing. But she wouldn’t repeat the experience.

“It’s funny,” Cassadee said. “I think I have stress dreams of going back to The Voice and having the all-star Voice competition of all the winners competing against each other, which sounds like a nightmare for me.”

However, she’s still one of the show’s biggest supporters. Cassadee Pope keeps in touch with a few of the judges and producers. And on three occasions in 2018, she went back to lend her expertise to a new competitor.

“I did get to consult, be a consultant on Kelly Clarkson’s team a few years ago, which was really cool,” she shared.

And she’d enjoy working as a coach or consultant again.

“Going back and doing something like that would be awesome,” she said.