‘The Voice’: Team Blake Contestant Lana Scott Delivers Amazing Performance of Tim McGraw’s ‘Humble and Kind’

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight, The Voice put on an absolute showcase of great music. There were performances from each team and the contestants brought their best. Team Blake had a great performance from country singer Lana Scott.

When Scott advanced over Carson Peters, the fans were not sure how to feel. Many of them liked Peters and thought he had some of the most promise out of the contestants. However, Scott has sung songs that fit her style and range and has absolutely killed them on stage. The latest was a Tim McGraw cover.

One of Tim McGraw’s most beloved songs, Humble and Kind, was the song of choice for Scott. She belted out the emotional country tune and gave it the respect it deserved. She made it her own, though and that’s what sticks out about the performance. Check it out below.

Blake Shelton said that she was THE country singer on the show. That showed in this performance. She was able to make her voice break at the right moments, didn’t overdo it, and remained in control of her voice and tone. Lana Scott is a singer that I could easily see in the country music scene in the near future. She has the voice, no pun intended, and the look. Shelton sure likes her, and that’s saying a lot.

Tonight was all about the performances. Tomorrow, that’s when the heartache starts. The top-13 cannot remain and must be cut down once again. So, fans are going to get their votes in and we will know the outcome then. There were so many great performances on The Voice tonight in various genres of music. One Team Kelly member brought tears to the coach’s eyes.

‘The Voice’ Top-13 Performances Bring The House Down

Team Kelly has one wonderful singer. Jeremy Rosado is a man with a powerful voice. He can go low, go high, and control the stage with his presence. When he gets on the mic, you know that you are about to hear something special. When he took the stage and belted out a Celine Dion cover, Kelly Clarkson probably wasn’t the only one with tears in her eyes.

Rosado looked the part with his suit, jewelry, and a fresh haircut. Just a clean look and a clean delivery on the song. He is a wild card in the competition, because he is a Team Kelly member, but seems like he would be a Team Ariana or Team Legend member. His R&B chops are up to snuff if you ask me. However, he has thrived under Clarkson’s direction.

There will be some sad performers and sad fans tomorrow after The Voice makes cuts. Every season, fan favorites go home. The competition is getting harder and it is going to take special performances to move on to the final stage. Which coach will send their singer or singers to the final and come out on top?