‘The Voice’: This ‘Special’ Battle Was Easily One of the Most Entertaining of the Season

by Amy Myers

The Voice contestants Aaron Hines and Gymani were absolutely “working” the stage during the last battle round. From the moment the music started, both singers had the audience absorbed in the sound. Together, the two created an inviting and playful dynamic, complementing the other’s style.

Hines started the song with his unique, whispery tones while Gymani, dressed in a gorgeous black and white dress, tackled an impressive amount of riffs and runs. Her crystal clear tone paired perfectly with Hines’ subtle styles, creating an iconic duo before the judges’ eyes. It’s too bad that coach Kelly Clarkson had to choose a winner between the two since everyone seemed to love both artists.

Clarkson could hardly contain herself as the duet continued, rising out of her seat to dance along with the beat. Even though The Voice judge knew she had to make a hard decision at the end of the performance, she was still going to enjoy the amazing sounds of her two contestants.

Watch Gymani and Hines’ battle in The Voice‘s clip below.

The two contestants seemed to capture the true essence of The Voice battles, coming together for a harmonious sound yet still demonstrating the skills of their individual voices. Not a single judge had any constructive criticisms for either contestant, making the victory all that more difficult to judge for Clarkson.

‘The Voice’ Judge Says Both Contestants ‘Elevate Each Other’

Once the performance ended, The Voice judges Blake Shelton, John Legend and Ariana Grande were more than happy to share their positive reactions with both contestants. Shelton and Grande cast their votes for Gymani, while Legend opted for Hines.

“I mean, it’s unbelievable,” Shelton told Gymani. “You’re so talented.”

“Gymani, I think you make it very hard for anyone to sing with you,” Ariana shared. “I think you’re so gifted.”

Meanwhile, Legend commended Hines for his tone and control, adding, “You were fantastic.”

And so, with the final say, Clarkson shared that she purposefully paired the two together because she knew they would sound amazing together.

“Turns out I was right,” The Voice judge said boastfully. “It sucks ’cause, you know, then I go ‘I wish I didn’t put y’all together,’ you know. ‘Cause I don’t want to lose one of you.”

She added that the two singers “elevated each other” and their abilities on stage. Clarkson explained that the power of Gymani’s voice paired perfectly with Hines’ sincerity and intimacy in his tone.

Ultimately, though, The Voice contestant that would live to see another day in the competition was Gymani.

“I went with Gymani because I think there’s just something a little extra special about her tone,” Clarkson said. “She’s kind of a chameleon vocalist, so I’m pretty excited to see what she’s gonna do in the Knock Out’s.”