‘The Voice’: Check Out the TV Ratings for Night One of the Season Finale

by Jonathan Howard

Monday nights are usually dominated in the ratings by Monday Night Football. However, The Voice held its own and pulled in some great numbers.

During football season, MNF reigns supreme. It doesn’t matter what is on the TV, America is going to watch football. Despite the usual dominance, The Voice was actually able to pull in the largest audience of the night.

While the singing competition drew almost half a million more views, (7.1 million vs 6.7 million), MNF still found a way to be on top. The rating for The Voice held a steady demo of 0.7 but that wasn’t enough to take down the Rams and Cardinals game. In the demo, the football game pulled in a 1.5 rating. Those eyeballs aren’t leaving the screen that’s for sure.

Of course, The Voice was able to put up such strong numbers due to their big finale. It was just night one and Tuesday is set to be just as good if not better. Tonight is the night that we find out who is going to win the entire thing. There has been a long journey to get to this point, but the contestants are ready and so are the fans.

Wendy Moten Stole the Show as Usual

This season the big story has to be Wendy Moten. The Team Blake singer has been one of the clear favorites ever since she stepped on stage. She is so good that Blake Shelton himself said that he wants her to win more than any contestant ever. And, he has made sure to put her in a position to do just that.

Last night she absolutely brought the house down with a rendition of Over the Rainbow. This isn’t the Judy Garland version we’re talking about. This is the Patti LaBelle version. Packed with soul, passion, emotion, and featuring the most powerful voice on the show… y’all this one nearly brought me to tears.

It was such a powerful and strong performance, that the coaches joked about it. They said that Moten made it look far too easy given the way she rocked that song. Her crescendos were just perfect. Strong, steady, full of power, just an unbelievable performance.

‘The Voice’ Blake Shelton Says Moten is ‘World-Class’

Seriously, Blake Shelton can’t get enough Wendy Moten. He has praised her constantly throughout the competition. She has advanced and shown off her talents the entire time. And the country music star thinks that Moten herself is a “world-class talent.”

The Voice has had some great singers and artists in the past and in this season. While not many of them have had huge careers afterward, Moten is bound to change that.

Here’s what Shelton said about his Team Blake singer: “We’ve never seen anything like you on this stage in 21 seasons, and ladies and gentlemen,” he said addressing the crowd. “When I sai, ‘world-class talent,’ I’m talking about this may never happen again. Wendy, thank you so much for being on The Voice.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.