‘The Voice’: Two Promising Acts Sent Packing in Episode 500

by Shelby Scott

Tuesday night premiered the 500th milestone episode of “The Voice” on NBC. The noteworthy event served quite the celebration for show coaches Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, John Legend, and Blake Shelton. However, two promising acts saw their time on “The Voice” come to an end. Despite their memorable Knockout performances, the fan-favorite Cunningham Sisters and BritneyBree have headed home.

BritneyBree took on teammate Samuel Harness, the former singing her own rendition of “Best Part.”

Harness took the win with his rendition of “Bruises,” utilizing both a strong vibrato and a raspy touch. TVline said the combination was intensely raw, fierce, and “emotionally open and present.”

While BritneyBree put on quite the performance herself, the decision was clear when Harness secured three of four standing ovations from “The Voice” coaches.

Then, “The Voice’s” own Kelly Clarkson pitted two of her own promising acts against each other. Hailey Mia, at only 13 years old, took the win in the knockout round against the beloved Cunningham Sisters. A day later, fans mourn their loss. Nevertheless, the outlet stated that the Cunningham Sisters didn’t match their harmonies as well as they could have. In the end, it ultimately lead to their teammate’s win in the round.

Meanwhile, Ariana Grande’s competitors saw their time on “The Voice” continue, despite the Knockouts. Losing contestant David Vogel was quickly stolen by Coach John Legend. Although Ryleigh Plank’s rendition of Miley Cyrus’s “Midnight Sky” seemed subpar, putting on a “disjointed” collection of notes and tunes, she took the win over Vogel nonetheless. Fortunately for the long-haired singer, Legend came in with a save, stealing him for his own team.

Overall, the 500th episode of “The Voice” came as an emotional termination for several contestants’ career. However, on the other hand, our beloved coaches celebrated with a tasty surprise. Humorously, Blake Shelton took on an entire sheet of cake on his own.

‘The Voice’ Judges Celebrate the 500th Episode

Unfortunately for some of our favorite “The Voice” singers and artists, Tuesday night’s 500th episode served them quite a blow. Nevertheless, for our beloved judges and longtime fans of “The Voice,” the milestone episode saw quite the celebration.

Host Carson Daly opened the 500th episode with the announcement that the hit singing competition had become the most-watched television show of the decade on a single network. Following, the judges got their celebratory cake and ate it too, which now has me craving a sheet cake of my own.

Featuring bright red chairs, a hallmark for the hit show, the perfect replica looked as beautiful as it must have been tasty. Prior to the cake’s presentation, however, the show host congratulated series-original judge Blake Shelton on his 500th episode.

“500 episodes old?” the country singer stated disbelievingly. “You sure are,” shot back our latest “The Voice” addition, Ariana Grande.

Since her arrival on “The Voice,” the 6’5 country star and the petite poster Ariana Grande have had a comical rivalry that’s played out across social media. She’s previously given Shelton flack for his age and lack of hit Nelly songs, while the country’s star’s fired back at Grande for her lack of pockets and for destroying his 2016 dreams.