‘The Voice’: Walker Hayes Brings the Country To Season 21 Finale

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Jason Kempin/for CMT/ViacomCBS

A little bit of country made its way to “The Voice” set with Walker Hayes for the Season 21 finale of the NBC show.

Hayes brought his signature “Fancy Like” hit about simple pleasures, and his modern country dancers didn’t disappoint with a party-like atmosphere at first. It went from party to the “Fancy Like” short line dancing and hip gyrations as the song played out.

Although one Twitter gentleman called it pop music rather than country, social media fans loved it.

Another man said he wasn’t a country fan but had come to like the song. Who knows? Maybe it’s a crossover hit now.

Walker Hayes’s “Voice” performance comes as another hit single, “AA,” entered the charts. The singer’s also got another new project on the way with his “Country Stuff The Album” set for Jan. 21. Other album songs include “U Gurl” and “Craig,” featuring MercyMe. He also had songs with Carly Pearce, Jake Owen, and Lori McKenna on it.

Walker Hayes’ hit got some great airtime with other featured performances by Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande with Kid Cudi, and Carrie Underwood with John Legend. There were additional appearances by Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Jennifer Lopez, and Tori Kelly with Keke Palmer.

‘Fancy Like’ Song A Hit For Sure

According to a November Parade magazine, the song went double platinum and caused the dining chain to change its menu and bring back food items that Hayes put in his lyrics

For example, Applebees ditched the Oreo Cookie Shake because of the pandemic and brought it back just for the song.

The singer admits he wrote a family song early during the pandemic that embraces “pure honesty” and “authenticity of life.” He told Rolling Stone that the song asked his family if they wanted fast food or a sit-down restaurant. And by choosing a sit-down place like Applebees with an eight-person family that’s “quite fancy” and “a lot of money.”   

Walker Hayes admitted he doesn’t get much love from the Applebee’s wait staff but joked, “it’s good for the head honchos,” and they’re bringing folks in from the song’s fanfare.

More Fun About Walker Hayes’s Song 

The song officially came out in October and had two music videos. One includes co-writer Kesha and Hayes, while another features just the singer. There’s also a Spanish version of the song that features Carin Leon.

Walker Hayes took some pride in Leon’s version, saying, “hearing my song sung in Spanish for the first time was pretty mind-blowing.” He complimented her song, adding that “she just sounds awesome.”

The singer, a father of six, said his daughter Lela came up with the song’s dance. Her mom Laney filmed it, and it went viral. And Hayes kept up pretty good with it too.