‘The Voice’: Watch These ‘Absolutely Iconic Outtakes’ From the Battle Rounds

by Amy Myers

While the battle rounds of The Voice may leave you speechless, the outtakes from the show will surely leave you breathless. Earlier today, the show posted a montage of hilarious moments that didn’t make it to air during the last episode. From John Legend’s Scrabble-worthy words to Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton’s antics, the judges manage to keep the audience and themselves entertained between the actual performances.

It’s during these “iconic” moments that the judges’ personalities truly come to life. So, it’s a shame that we don’t always get to see the more interactive and casual side to their everyday jobs. Thankfully, though, The Voice has supplied this snapshot of what a day on the set looks like when these four celebrity singers come together. In essence, Clarkson is even chattier, Shelton even goofier, Legend even nicer and Grande even sassier.

Watch below for some laugh-out-loud moments.

If you’re a devoted watcher of The Voice, chances are, you feel like you know the four judges pretty well. Though the true spotlight belongs to the contestants, the feedback we hear from the panel gives us a good idea of what they value in a performance and what coaching techniques they use.

However, we miss out on a crucial component, and that’s their vulnerability. During the outtakes, we get to see moments when the judges aren’t quite picture-perfect, making them all the more relatable and likable.

Four Moments That Define ‘The Voice’ Judges Personalities

The Voice judge Kelly Clarkson is a self-admitted “smiley person” who finds difficulty in keeping a straight face while on camera. While trying to film a dramatic reveal shot, Clarkson could hardly keep herself still for the camera to pan across their faces. Immediately following one of the takes, the former American Idol star broke out into a dance.

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton is just as hilarious on camera, joking around with his contestants and battle advisor, Dierks Bentley. In one of the moments, Shelton asked if two contestants chose a key for their song yet. When they confirmed that they did, Shelton jokingly stood up to leave.

“Well — yes,” The Voice judge said. “My job here’s done. You gotta key. I’ll see you guys.”

John Legend may not be the goofiest one on the show, but he tends to be the most eloquent of the bunch. During a moment of downtime, the four judges chatted about Legend’s advanced vocabulary and how he managed to slip the word “sonorous” into some feedback that he gave to a battling contestant. Clarkson was especially impressed, noting that he’s made her ready for just about any crossword puzzle.

Finally, Ariana Grande poked fun at herself during a mishap while coaching one of her contestants. While discussing Grande’s ability to mimic voices, The Voice judge reached over for her tumbler and knocked it all over the end table beside her. She scurried to clean it up, only making the mess even worse.

“It’s great to be me,” she joked, running off with water in her hands.