‘The Voice’: Watch Blake Shelton and Mega Mentor Ed Sheeran Hilariously Cut Up Backstage

by Leanne Stahulak

Looks like “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton and Mega Mentor Ed Sheeran are becoming fast friends on the singing competition.

Though the two come from fairly different backgrounds (a Brtish pop star and Southern country legend), they apparently share a similar sense of humor. Shelton posted a hilarious backstage clip of the two hanging out by themselves to his Instagram page earlier yesterday.

At one point, Shelton made a pun/dad joke that Sheeran absolutely lost it over.

“Hey guys, I’m super excited that our Mega Mentor is Ed Sheeran. I just don’t like ‘sharin’ him with other people,” Shelton said in the backstage clip.

“The Voice” Mega Mentor laughed and called Shelton a “lyricist.” Unlike the Battle Advisors, Sheeran works one on one with every contestant under every coach to prepare them for their Knockouts performance.

“I’m really excited to be here on ‘The Voice,'” Sheeran shared (pun intended) in the clip. “It’s great to be back in America. I’m a massive fan of Blake’s, and this is great. We’re having fun today, this is good. We’ve got a similar sense of humor.”

“But I’m not sharing,” Shelton repeated. Sheeran thought for a moment, then replied, “Well I won’t ‘Blake’ you [coaches] apart.” Shelton burst out laughing at that.

Their friendship is wholesome, but also kind of funny, considering Sheeran was fellow “The Voice” coach Ariana Grande’s friend first. When he met up with the coaches for the first time, Sheeran and Grande hugged fiercely. Then they spent a few minutes catching up on their lives, from marriage to babies to music.

What Happened During the Last Night of Knockouts on “The Voice”

Last night, “The Voice” coaches had to make some of the hardest choices we’ve seen in the show’s history. The talent this year is unbelievable, and any one of these final Knockouts contestants could’ve become a star. But these are the final decision the coaches made for next week’s live shows.

For Team Kelly, country star Kelly Clarkson chose Jeremy Rosado over Xavier Cornell for his emotional performance of  “Run to You” by Whitney Houston. 

Ariana Grande faced two of the toughest decisions tonight, for both of her knockouts pairings. Ultimately, she chose Bella DeNapoli over Katherine Ann Mohler. Later on, she gave the win to Jim and Sasha Allen over Manny Keith.

On Team Shelton, Lana Scott secured a win over Carson Peters, who attempted a George Strait song. Later on, Peedy Chavis managed to beat out Berritt Haynes.

Over on Team Legend, both Samara Brown and Shadale gave stellar performances. But ultimately, “The Voice” coach John Legend chose Shadale over Brown. And at the end of the night, Legend faced an impossible decision between Jershika Maple and Paris Winningham. Both performers killed it, but Legend ended up choosing Maple.

Luckily for Winningham, though, Shelton swooped in and used his only steal.