‘The Voice’: Watch Country Hopeful Nail Taylor Swift Cover to Move on With Team Blake Shelton

by Madison Miller

As “The Voice” continues to advance on Monday and Tuesday nights, we are getting even more accustomed to the talented contestants putting on some stellar performances.

The show just wrapped up its final Knockout pairings on November 1 and will now move onto the Live Playoffs part of the competition. So far, there has been no shortage of amazing contestants on Season 21 of “The Voice.”

One of which showed off her talents during the very last pairing of the night on Team Blake Shelton. Carson Peters and Lana Scott went head-to-head, leaving Shelton with what felt like an impossible decision.

Lana Scott and Carson Peters on ‘The Voice’

Peters chose to sing “Amarillo by Morning” by George Strait. Meanwhile, Scott decided to go for “Wildest Dreams” by music icon Taylor Swift. Scott is a country artist but is working to showcase the fact that she can adapt to other types of music as well. Taylor Swift is the perfect artist to select a song from then, seeing as she’s capable of what appears to be an infinite amount of musical genres.

We first heard Lana Scott when she auditioned with Kelsea Ballerini’s popular country tune “Hole in the Bottle.”

This time around, Scott used “Wildest Dreams” to put on a hypnotizing and emotional performance. In fact, she revealed during the rehearsal footage that she had recently gone through a breakup and was still dealing with that pain.

Between the emotion, vulnerability, and amazing high notes, Scott stunned the audience and the coaches with her performance. Peters (once referred to as the young Patrick Swayze) then took the stage and continued to showcase his originality. He pulled out some crying fiddle during his performance.

“Lana, up until right now, you’ve flown under the radar a little bit on the show, which by the way, is not a bad thing. You sounded really good today, like, wow!” Shelton said after the performance from both artists.

Carson Peters has been somewhat of a fan favorite so far on the show. Regardless, Shelton decided to go with Lana Scott after her amazing Taylor Swift cover. Some fans seem to have mixed reactions but are still eager to see the show go on.

One person on Twitter noted, “Every season people get upset because their favorites don’t go forward. I happen to think Lana was the choice to make. See how that works? Music is so subjective.”

Kelly Clarkson Emotional Moment

The contestants this season are bringing their all and have left the coaches stumped on who to choose time after time.

On Monday night, Kelly Clarkson got emotional after listening to Team Legend’s vocal powerhouse singer Shadale performed Shontelle’s “Impossible.” The single mom had a big connection to the emotional song.

“This song is about being in a situation that you thought you would never be in. When I sing this song, I think about that little girl and all the times that I wanted to give up and I chose not to.”

John Legend was beyond impressed by the performance and compared her to Mary J. Blige. Clarkson was in tears and dabbing at her eyes with a tissue while she spoke about the impact of Shadale’s performance.