‘The Voice’: Watch the Funniest Outtakes From This Season So Far

by Madison Miller

“The Voice” may be about spotlighting and finding extraordinary artists hidden in plain sight, but there’s also always room for humor.

The popular singing competition features Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend as coaches. As they coach the talented musicians to potential stardom and the title of “The Voice,” they’re also busy cracking hilarious jokes.

“The Voice” is known for the amusing banter that goes on. During Blind Auditions, it’s even more prominent. Coaches will argue and diss each other in the hopes of winning over a talented artist.

Hilarious Banter and Outtakes on ‘The Voice’

We see plenty of this when the show airs on Monday nights. However, the official “The Voice” Twitter account also shared some hilarious outtakes that didn’t make it to the show.

The outtakes, not surprisingly, start out with Blake Shelton doing something that ends with Clarkson saying, “You’re so weird.” As the confetti falls on the four coaches, Shelton opens his mouth and tries to catch the confetti, like a little kid during a snow storm.

One of the outtakes also features the longtime host of the show, Carson Daly. He wishes them good luck and the coaches make some strange noises at him as he walks away.

The outtakes also did an excellent job of highlighting the brand new coach, Ariana Grande. She admits to the live audience in between contestants that “never have I been more full of liquids.” She then picks up both of the cups sitting at her side and waves them around. She informs the laughing crowd that one is full of coffee and the other has water because she “has to keep it balanced.”

Grande seems to be fitting in really well with the other coaches. Legend says it’s an “honor” to sit next to the pop star after she jokes that he’s sick of sitting next to her.

The majority of the outtakes feature an early battle round — the four coaches versus an excessive amount of confetti. Grande pretends to swim through it and also helps Clarkson climb down the stairs. She says, “I don’t want to slip, I feel like it’s a bad idea” while Legend says, “We didn’t even win anything.”

Record-Breaking Number of Group Performers

This season of “The Voice” is already standing out due to the number of duos and trios that have auditioned and made it into the next round of the competition.

There are five sets of trios and duos advancing. Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson both have two groups and Blake Shelton has one. John Legend has only solo artists on his team this season unless he ends up getting to steal a group later on.

“The Voice” has always been open to group performances since the very first season of the show. According to Gold Derby, the most popular to date are the Swon Brothers from Team Blake. The brother-duo made it to the finals and finished in third during season four.

Since then, duos and trios haven’t been quite as successful. With so many advancing to the next round, however, there’s a greater chance of one of these groups going down in “The Voice” history.