‘The Voice’: Wendy Moten Reveals Injuries Are Worse than Previously Thought

by Madison Miller

We’re getting down to the very last competitors for this season of “The Voice.”

There are currently 10 artists left competing for that final title as “The Voice.” This includes Girl Named Tom, Hailey Mia, Holly Forbes, Jeremy Rosado, Jershika Maple, Jim and Sasha Allen, Joshua Vacanti, Lana Scott, Paris Winningham, and Wendy Moten.

Moten is a fan-favorite on the show right now as she competes for Team Blake. Besides having to overcome the risk of being eliminated by viewers at home, Moten also had to overcome a pretty gruesome injury.

Wendy Moten Took a Fall on ‘The Voice’

Last week, Moten took a hard fall that was far more serious than she originally led viewers to believe. She tripped over a speaker and fell right after she did the group performance alongside Blake Shelton, Lana Scott, and Paris Winningham. This caused her to break her right elbow and fracture her right wrist and she was escorted to the hospital after it happened.

Right after the fall, she assured fans that she was okay. Carson Daly witnessed the fall himself right as the show was about to cut to commercial break. He said, “Unfortunate moment for Wendy Moten, who is walking off and we hope she’s OK” as she was led off the stage.

She didn’t go to the hospital right away, however. She was back when the program returned and stated, “I’m OK! I’m a little bruised, but you know what? I’m still ready to go!”

It was far more than some bruises, however. During last night’s performance, Wendy Moten performed the country classic tune “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. She had a cast on both of her arms while she sang the powerhouse tune in front of millions tuning in at home.

Coaches React to Moten’s Performance

She was welcomed back to the stage with open arms by the coaches. Her cover of “Jolene” was well-received by all four of the coaches. Kelly Clarkson gave her a massive shoutout.

“I know what your week has been like. Kudos to you for even being on this stage right now and getting this done! To come out here as if nothing happened to you … Well done,” Clarkson said.

Blake Shelton also congratulated her for her “strength and perseverance and fearlessness.”

Shelton has been gushing over Wendy Moten since her Blind Audition. He called it one of “the top three Blind Auditions of all time.” He even went as far as to name her his clear favorite this season. He said during the Top 20 playoffs, “I’ve been doing this show for 21 seasons now as a coach. There is nobody I want this more for — ever — than you. You deserve this. You deserve this.”