‘The Voice’: When Gwen Stefani Started to ‘Get’ Why Fans Love Blake Shelton

by Amy Myers

It’s no secret that Gwen Stefani makes Blake Shelton feel rich on “Minimum Wage.” But fans of The Voice couple might not know that the pop princess didn’t know who her future husband was when they first met on the show.

Stefani and Shelton originally met when she replaced Shakira as one of the coaches on Season 7 of The Voice. And as it turned out, Stefani had to do a quick Google search on the country icon so that she knew just who she would be sitting beside.

 “I didn’t know Blake. I didn’t even know that he existed as a human, let alone an artist,” she told the Apple Music radio show, From Apple Music With Love.

Soon, though, Stefani got to know Shelton on a professional level, and even then, she didn’t feel any sparks – not yet, anyway. But as the season continued and Stefani’s confidantes gushed over her co-coach on The Voice, she started to understand what everyone else has been saying about the hunky country star for decades.

“One of my nannies was like ‘Oh, he’s so hot.’ I was like, ‘He is? Really? Okay I can see that,’” Gwen shared. “And the more I watched the show, the more I could see ‘Wow, he’s funny, he’s tall.’ I started to get it.”

Of course, as The Voice fans know, Shelton and Stefani had spouses at the time that they met. Back in 2016, Stefani was still with Gavin Rossdale, her husband of 14 years. Meanwhile, Shelton’s wife was fellow country star, Miranda Lambert. The country icons had been together since 2006 and married in 2011.

Soon enough, though, both couples split up, paving the way for The Voice coaches’ fledging relationship.

‘The Voice’ Coach Believes ‘Dreams Come True’

It didn’t take long before The Voice coaches fell head over heels for each other in an adorable and loving relationship. At one point, Stefani even imagined dedicating a song to her new beau, but he beat her to the punch. He ended up writing several duets, including “Nobody But You,” in which he and Stefani sang together.

“I had this fantasy of writing a song with [him] or doing something,” she explained on the radio show, speaking directly to Shelton beside her. “At that time of my life, I was really searching for my next music, what I would do. I was really trying to be inspired. The fact that I got to be on one of your songs, that you asked me to be on a song, was my fantasy. Dreams come true, guys. Christmas miracles happen to people!”

Now, the couple has almost an album’s worth of songs that they perform together as well as songs they’ve written about each other.