‘The Voice’: Which Top 5 Contestant Has the Chops To Win?

by Hannah Heser
Photo by: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Season 21 of “The Voice” is officially coming to a close. And you know what that means, the top 5 contestants are stealing their way into the hearts of many.

To begin, we will start off with each performer’s style and songs they performed on “The Voice“.

Top 5 Contestants on ‘The Voice’ & Their Performances

The first aspiring singer is Hailey Mia representing Team Kelly. Her first number in tonight’s finale was Olivia Rodrigo’s Deja Vu. This performance had something new behind her, which was backup dancers having a pillow fight. The audience laughed hysterically while enjoying Hailey’s eye-catching performance. At only 14-years-old, her vocals are superior. She looks like she owns the spotlight when she’s on stage and raps with confidence. She will definitely win a few awards as she develops into her talent.

The next contestant is Paris Winningham who is representing Team Blake. Before he starts his performance, he gives a shoutout to his number one inspiration, his dad. Soon after, he kicks off a nice rendition of the classic, Me and Mrs. Jones. The audience is on their feet throughout the entire performance and enjoys every minute of it.

Next, we have the Girl Named Tom, who is part of Team Kelly, as well. This is the first trio in the history of “The Voice” to make the finale. Each of the talented siblings took a turn in the spotlight with Bekah singing her heart out like we’ve never heard before. This band has a solid chance at winning this season of “The Voice”.

The fourth rising talent is Jershika Maple on Team Legend. She dedicates her performance to the entire church community that always believed in her talent. With taking on the hit song, I’m Going Down, she releases a rich note right after the other. She did this performance with everything she had, and rocked it!

Finally, the last contestant of the night is Wendy Moten with Team Blake. Wendy stunned the audience with the song, How Will I Know? This performance was almost like a high-end recording in a studio. It was that good! She always looks like she belongs on stage.

Round Two Performances

In addition to round one, Hailey Mia covered Billie Eilish’s, I don’t wanna be you anymore. She decides to dedicate it to everyone who struggles with accepting themselves. I’m not sure which performance was better because they were both out of this world.

Paris Winningham covered Ain’t Nobody in this round. However, he appeared to struggle with staying in pitch. Hopefully tomorrow night goes better for him!

The second round went just as great for Girl Named Tom, if not better. They dedicated their performance to each other in a heartfelt way. At the end of the day, no matter what happens they’ll always have each other to lean on.

Additionally, Jershika Maple sang Rolling in the Deep by Adele and absolutely crushed it. It was a beautiful performance with the audience screaming for more. And Wendy Moten did the Wizard of Oz classic, Over the Rainbow, in honor of her two hometowns, Nashville and Memphis. It was magical!

Overall, the contestants all had jaw-dropping performances. Make sure you tune in tomorrow night to catch the winner!