‘The Voice’ Winners Girl Named Tom Reflect on ‘Crazy’ Season 21 Win

by Taylor Cunningham

Girl Named Tom is the new reigning champ of The Voice. And the group has big plans for the future.

Sibling trio Caleb Liechty, 26, Joshua Liechty, 24 and Bekah Liechty, 20. Won one for Team Kelly last week. And they made history when they did. Girl Named Tom is the first group of artists to ever win the competition during its decade-long run.

And during an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the singers admitted that the whole experience still feels “surreal.”

“It’s really crazy going into this whole process,” middle brother Joshua shared. “We just wanted to turn a chair.”

But the humble team did a lot more than just turn one chair. From the start, Girl Named Tom stood out as the fan-favorite, and no one was surprised when Carson handed the singers the trophy after their soulful renditions of Baby Now That I’ve Found You by The Foundations and The Chain by Fleetwood Mac during the finale.

The siblings thank Kelly Clarkson, who the ysay “feels like an older sister,” for the experience.

“She’ll be the first one to tell you that this is a competition show [and] it’s giving you a lot of exposure,” shared Bekah. “But it’s what happens after — that is your career. And she’s a perfect example of someone who has taken that amazing experience from the competition show, American Idol, and elevated it. Turned it into a lifelong career.”

What’s Next for the Newest ‘The Voice’ Winners?

Along with all the fanfare, the twenty-somethings also got a $100,000 grand prize, which they’ll split. And each Liechty sibling already has plans for the cash.

Caleb hopes to spend some of his hard-earned winnings on a “trip to Hawaii” and a “group photoshoot.” Joshua will use some of the money to purchase a “sweet recording set up.” And pragmatic Bekah will set the money aside “to save for retirement.”

And now that Girl Named Tom has their major win in the books, the singers are “itching to get to the studio” so they can release that full-length album they’ve been planning since “last winter.”

The group hopes that all their fans “stick around” to hear that record. And they made sure to send a thankful, heartfelt message to everyone who supported them on their journey. Because without them, Girl Named Tom wouldn’t be on the road to stardom.

The Voice is a people’s choice show,” Caleb emphasized. ” So we didn’t really win it. The people won it. Our fans won it, which is really special because that means we have fans and that’s something that we don’t take for granted. So, thank you all.”