‘The Voice’ Winners Girl Named Tom Share Heartbreaking News About Their Dad

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Girl Named Tom is the lucky winner for this season of The Voice. Recently, they opened up about the illness their dad is dealing with. While expressing deep concerns for this upsetting time, their fans are very supportive.

How the Illness Is Affecting Their Family

Firstly, the trio’s father has been battling cancer for quite some time now. And the Liechty siblings finally mentioned the diagnosis during the Battle Rounds of The Voice while performing Glen Campbell’s hit song, Wichita Lineman.

According to Glen Campbell himself, he wrote this song about someone who can look on the bright side of things while they’re going through a lot.

And this is exactly what their dad does. Given that he’s fighting a disease while supporting his kids living out their dream.

A few days ago, Girl Named Tom tweeted a thank you note to their fans for not only supporting them in the competition, but with other matters as well.

As it says in the note, their father is experiencing extreme pain after his surgery. But he doesn’t want them to leave L.A. and put their dreams on pause.

They said “We cannot wait to finally be in the same room. No matter the result on Tuesday night, we will be flying back to them as soon as possible,” the siblings said. All in all, Holly and Chris Liechty, the parents of the trio have been supporting their musical journey from the very beginning.

The Story of How a Family’s Support Helped Girl Named Tom Get to Where They Are Now

As shown above, Holly and Chris have surrounded their kids with music since they were born.

For example, the band’s dad would always appear in their room with his guitar in one hand and a microphone in the other! And from that day on, his songwriting inspired them to do what they are doing now.

Despite the hard battle their dad is currently facing, they are trying to stay positive through it.

The Boot also recorded them saying, “The Voice has given our family opportunities to connect, reflect and gape at the love we have for each other.”

Where Their Dreams are Taking Them Next

Did you know that the band originally wanted to become doctors? But they obviously ended up choosing the music life instead.

Before going on The Voice, they drove all over the country playing 67 shows in 27 cities.

After making history on The Voice, they have yet to release what’s happening next. But you just might catch them on the road in 2022!