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‘The Waltons’ Creator Once Revealed What Day He Was Most Thankful For

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/WireImage)

Earl Hamner Jr. was a man who had a lot to be thankful for. Not only was he a popular author, he was also the creator of “The Waltons.”

But for this respected author and television creator, there was one day in his life that stood out from all the rest. And it was this day that he was the most thankful for. According to MeTV, Hamner talked about this very special day in his autobiography and memoir, “The Avocado Drive Zoo.”

So, what day was it? Turns out, it was the type of day that many other people would also list as one of the best days of their lives. This day was the birth of “The Waltons” creator’s first child. This child was his son, Scott.

The birth of his son came very quickly. Things happened so fast, in fact, that Earl Hamner Jr. wasn’t able to make it to the hospital in time for the birth.

“You have a son,” Hamner recalled a doctor telling him when he arrived at the hospital. Needless to say, “The Waltons” creator was thrilled. In his memoir, he wrote that “nothing could quite reach the thrill and pride and ineffable joy.” He also said that “of all of life’s gifts, none could be greater than this.”

And of course, Earl Hamner Jr. was very grateful to his wife for enduring the pain of childbirth and giving birth to their son. “Thank you for him!” he recalled him saying to his wife.

For the rest of that special day, Hamner couldn’t stop expressing his gratitude for his new baby boy and his new role as a father. He was so persistent about it that he even got on his mother-in-law’s nerves a little bit.

When he left the hospital after his son’s birth, “The Waltons” creator also felt that he needed to stop and give thanks for this blessing and his many, many others. His chosen location was the Meditation Chapel at United Nations. Unsurprisingly, Hamner’s mother-in-law wanted to know why they were stopping there. So, he offered the following explanation.

“We’re going to give thanks for this miracle. What place could be more appropriate than the United Nations?” Earl Hamner Jr. also wrote.

‘The Waltons’ Creator Also Stopped at Two Churches and a Pub to Give Thanks for the Birth of His Son

This wasn’t the only stop he would make on that day, Next, he went to the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral. There, he found his way to the altar and expressed his gratitude once again.

That stop didn’t satisfy his need to give thanks, though. So, he decided he needed to go to another church. For this stop, he chose, St. Batholomew’s. As he told his mother-in-law on that day, he wanted to stop at this church because that is where he and his wife were married.

“The Waltons” creator and his mother-in-law ended their journey at a pub. There, they made a toast to baby Scott. His family would return to this pub after the birth of each child to celebrate and give thanks.