‘The Waltons’: Eric Scott’s Real-Life Wife Once Appeared on the Show

by Joe Rutland

It is rather amazing to see that Eric Scott of The Waltons, at one point, did have his real-life wife make an appearance on the CBS drama.

Well, how did all that happen? We are going to find out with some help from this article by MeTV. Scott did play Ben Walton on the show for its entire network run.

Scott played Ben from age 14 to 23 years old. Wow, that is quite an age difference for this star of The Waltons. Here is an interesting tidbit: He lived at home with his parents and two brothers. Scott shared a room with a younger brother during the successful run.

The Waltons star did have a funny thing to say about the difference between his own family and TV family. “The only real difference between my real family and the Waltons is that we don’t quarrel as much in the studio,” Scott joked to United Press International in 1975.

‘The Waltons’ Star Met His Future Wife While Taking Business School Courses

When Scott turned 18, he was working with an architect to build his own family home in the mountains on the land he purchased as a teen. Business law courses were in his life, too, in hopes of becoming a savvy director-producer. Scott met his future wife, Karen Louis, in 1979 at 21 years old.

They had planned to wait and wed until the actor had figured out his next move. Still, The Waltons would continue to get renewed year after year.

The couple did get married but Karen also started acting and would up in a role on The Waltons episode titled The Threshhold. Scott said that every year after Richard Thomas left the show, producers threatened it could be their last season.

Still, The Waltons endured. “If they let the character of Ben grow, I would be willing to do another 10 years,” Scott told Knight News Service in 1980.

Cast Member Would Watch Reruns Of Show These Days, But Recalled His Journey

Of course, like all good things, The Waltons did come to an end, not 10 years later but in 1981.

Eric Scott will watch the show in reruns these days. In 1980, he talked about the journey on the show. “We have done 202 hours as of now,” Scott said. “It’s a wonderful thing for me to be able to look back on at age 21. I don’t know anyone my age who has ‘a library’ like this tucked away.”

As is mentioned, Thomas left the show but his characterization of John-Boy Walton remains in viewers’ minds. Also, the show has remained a popular one in the world of syndicated TV.