‘The Waltons’ Fans Slam New ‘Homecoming’ Reboot Movie in Poll

by Joe Rutland

Apparently, Outsiders, some fans of The Waltons are dishing out some serious hate toward the movie reboot of A Waltons’ Homecoming.

This is even with Richard Thomas, who played John-Boy Walton on the original CBS drama, taking over as narrator.

So, are these fans trying to say, “Goodnight, Waltons,” and turning out the light? Let’s check this out from TV Line.

Readers of the online entertainment news platform gave it an overall average grade of D+. Breaking the poll down more, 31.92 percent of those voting gave it an F. That’s followed by 24 percent with a C, and 15.85 percent for A and D grades.

Ooh. It’s enough to make someone go and get a nip from the Baldwin sisters.

‘The Waltons’ Reboot TV Movie Had Moments of Being Too Clean For 1933

Let’s take a closer look, Outsiders. The CW aired The Waltons movie reboot. It was set in 1933. The family was waiting for John Sr., played by Ben Lawson, to get home from his out-of-town job. His bus ride becomes longer due to a snowstorm and gets derailed when it skids off the road.

Other family members in this movie include Olivia Walton, played by Bellamy Young; eldest child John-Boy played by Logan Shroyer; and Mary Ellen, played by Marcelle LeBlanc. You also could see Jason, Erin, Elizabeth, and Jim Bob in here. Ben didn’t make the cut.

You have actors also playing Grandma and Grandpa Walton, general store owner Ike Godsey running, the Baldwin sisters, and minister’s wife Rose, played by Jacinte Blankenship. She invites the Waltons to the Baptist church for Christmas Eve services.

Well, this movie appeared to be a bit too “clean” for this Depression Era tale. The kids look like they’re wearing newly-bought clothes. Not Depression-era stuff at all. Um, and Mary Ellen gets off saying “ass” at one point.

What? Oh, the horror. There’s not much depth to these characters.

Too Much Green Screen Appears In Scenes Where Driving Takes Place

At another point, John-Boy gives Elizabeth a “dead doll.” Viewers could see some green screens in the driving scenes. No one edited that out. At one point, Olivia is asked if she has heard from John yet. No, she hasn’t because Jobn is on a bus and he has no cellphone. Hello 1933, how are you doing?

Then, a radio report suggests John is injured or possibly dead in the bus accident. Olivia sends John-Boy out into the storm to find Dad and get home in time for Christmas Eve at church.

See where this is going, Outsiders? Olivia, while singing Silent Night by candlelight, is reunited with John and it’s quite emotional. But, well, the rest of it just didn’t add up.