‘The Waltons’: Go Behind the Scenes of the Upcoming Holiday Reboot

by Clayton Edwards

The Waltons’ Homecoming, the reboot of the classic Christmas special is right around the corner. The made-for-TV movie premieres tomorrow, November 28rh on the CW Network. If you’re one of the many people who are excited to see what an updated version of the iconic Christmas special looks like, that sounds like a long wait.

Luckily, the network released a short behind-the-scenes featurette to give us all a glimpse behind the curtain.

A Promising First Look

From the first frames of the video, we can see that the folks behind this reboot did their homework. The Waltons’ home is on full display and the dinner table looks just like it used to. However, the faces have obviously changed.

Don’t worry, though, this video will introduce fans to many of the new cast. Additionally, fans of The Waltons will see at least one familiar face. Richard Thomas, the original John-Boy Walton will narrate the film. He’s also the first to talk about the reboot in the video.

About The Waltons’ Homecoming, Thomas said, “I think it’s great for families, especially for young people, to get a window into what a world like that is.”

Then, fans get to meet Logan Shroyer. He’ll play John-Boy in the Waltons reboot. He spoke to how different that world is from a young person’s perspective. “…a much simpler time in the 1930s. You didn’t have social media, you didn’t have TV. They just got the radio.” For some, that would seem like an alien world. To others, it would be a breath of fresh air.

Likewise, The Waltons was a breath of fresh air when it was on the air in the 70s. Director Lev L. Spiro spoke briefly about how the social climate in America today mirrors that of the 70s. The minds behind this reboot believe that the similarity makes this reboot important. They hope the wholesome Christmas special can be an escape for some. Additionally, they hope it will bring families together in front of the television.

More from the Cast of The Waltons’ Homecoming

Marcelle LeBlanc, who plays Mary Ellen in the upcoming Waltons reboot gave some insight into her favorite part of the project. She loved forming a bond with the rest of the cast and crew. That sentiment really reflects the wholesome togetherness that the show inspires.

In The Waltons’ Homecoming, John Walton senior has lost his job and has to travel for work. Then, he gets the chance to make it home for Christmas. Ben Lawson, who plays John Jr. talked about the spirit of the film. He called it a “beautiful Christmas story about a family being able to come together at the most magical time of the year.” He added the need to be at home with loved ones in those times gives the made-for-TV movie a universal appeal.