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‘The Waltons Homecoming’: Richard Thomas Goes Home in New Trailer for Revival

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images)

The debut of “The Waltons Homecoming” is only days away. And a new trailer is generating even more excitement. The upcoming television movie is a revival of the classic family drama that originally aired from 1972 until 1981.

So, needless to say, many fans of the original series are very excited to see what this new version will bring to the small screen. Making the project even better is the involvement of one of the cast members of the original series.

That cast member is actor Richard Thomas. He played John-Boy Walton, the oldest of the children born to John Walton and Olivia Walton. These famous characters were played by Ralph Waite and Michael Learned in the original series.

John-Boy was the character most closely related to the show’s creator Earl Hamner Jr. It was Hamner’s book, “Spencer’s Mountain,” that was the inspiration for “The Waltons.” Hamner was also the narrator of the original television show.

In “The Waltons Homecoming,” Thomas has moved on from the role of John-Boy. He will step into the role of narrator. And in a new trailer for the upcoming television movie, it is Richard Thomas who introduces the story viewers will watch in just a few days.

The trailer begins with the now 70-year-old Thomas walking across a winter wonderland set. “I’m Richard Thomas and I’d like to share a story with you,” he says.

Next, he lets fans know that the story they will watch when “The Waltons Homecoming” debuts will be keeping in with the tradition of the original series.

“It’s a story about human kindness and compassion and love. It’s a story about family. A family called ‘The Waltons,'” Richard Thomas also shares.

You can check out the trailer for “The Waltons Homecoming” below.

New Trailer for ‘The Waltons Homecoming’ Reveals Details About the Plot of the Television Film

“The Waltons Homecoming” will debut on Sunday, Nov. 28, and will air on the CW network. This revival is described in the trailer as a “new holiday chapter.”

The trailer also gives fans details about the plot of the upcoming television film. After Richard Thomas welcomes viewers back to the world of The Waltons family, we see the new John-Boy (played by Logan Shroyer) and the new Olivia (Bellamy Young). She tells him that his father, John (Ben Lawson), will be traveling home to join them for Christmas.

However, when the bus that John is taking home wrecks, it puts his reunion with his family at risk. However, John-Boy comes to his father’s rescue.

One of the last clips from “The Waltons Homecoming” trailer is a scene that will be very familiar with fans of the original show. That, of course, is the famous family’s goodnight role call.