‘The Waltons’ Star Jon Walmsley Sounds Off on How Original Cast’s Closeness is a ‘Rare Occurrence’

by Evan Reier

Classic TV shows of yesteryear feature many memorable families. Of all of them, none may be more beloved than The Waltons.

The wholesome entertainment of the Walton family has entertained folks for decades. Even now, years and years on from its original run, it’s still wildly popular. So much so that the show is getting a new reboot film on the CW this week.

Jason Walton actor Jon Walmsley was asked by Fox News to comment on the new film, titled Homecoming: A Christmas Story. Walmsley took a moment to reflect on how the cast members still keep in touch.

“Amazingly, we’re all still close,” Walmsley said. “Which is a rare occurrence in television. Usually, a show ends and everyone goes their separate ways. We see each other periodically at fan events or weddings or funerals, and lately, on Zoom – just like real families. It’s always great to get together for a drink, a hug… and talk about what our kids are doing.”

Sure, everyone has had to move on with their lives, but knowing The Waltons cast members still see each other and keep up proves that the show was onto something special. Show creator Earl Hamner Jr. drew from his real-life family for inspiration, and it translated to a new family via its cast members.

The Waltons’ Star Jon Walmsley Makes Case for Reboot

In the age of the reboot, there’s some serious fatigue. It seems like every good show or movie is remade nowadays, and that can get old fast. But before you write off Homecoming: A Christmas Story, it’s important to remember that The Waltons hasn’t gotten as much reboot love as other properties.

For Walmsley, it’s not just this, but the fact that The Waltons isn’t like most other shows or movies. At the heart of the show is a timeless story about filming, and something that could be appreciated more now than ever.

“I think CW hopes to offer a program that families can watch together,” Walmsley said in the Fox News interview. “In 1971, most families had one television set. Now everyone in the family has their own television, not to mention computers and mobile phones. ‘The Waltons’ provide not only an opportunity for family viewing but hopefully a window into a time when multi-generational families spent a great deal more time together.”

Especially with the holidays now upon us, a reminder of the importance of family is well-timed. Plus, when was the last time you returned to Walton’s Mountain? At least for 2021, it only makes sense to mix in this new film into your holiday plans.