‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Points Out ‘Continuity Issue’ from ‘The Townie’ Episode

by Clayton Edwards

Fans of classic television remember Judy Norton from her role on The Waltons. Norton played Mary Ellen Walton for all nine seasons of the show. Additionally, she played the character for all of the made-for-TV movies including the original Homecoming Christmas special. Today, Norton hosts a web series in which she looks back fondly on her time in the cast. She isn’t just telling stories from the good old days, though. She’s taking fans behind the scenes of the classic series.

Sure, there are countless trivia sites on the internet that share tidbits of knowledge about That Waltons. However, Judy Norton offers something that most of those sites can’t. She lived the life. Norton was there for nearly every episode of the show. Additionally, she looks back at things from an actor’s point of view. So, many fans get a brand new perspective on the massively popular series.

Judy Norton covers a long list of things on her show. Sometimes, she takes questions from her audience in the “Ask Judy” segments. Other times, Norton will talk about broad topics related to the show like eating or wardrobe choices. However, most installments of the show see Norton tackling an episode of the classic series and breaking it down almost scene-by-scene. Sometimes, she picks out small errors that many people would have missed.

In the most recent installment of her series, Judy Norton talked about the season one episode “The Townie” and pointed out one error that fans will no longer be able to miss.

Judy Norton on the Continuity Error in “The Townie”

Even The Waltons isn’t perfect all of the time. Sometimes, small continuity discrepancies and other errors pop up and the editors just pray that no one notices. Judy Norton re-watches these episodes with a critical eye. As a result, she catches everything.

For instance, she pointed out a small lighting continuity error in “The Townie” from season 1. Judy Norton highlights the scene in which John-Boy is changing a tire. Sarah, a guest character, is talking to John Boy about her life. Then, she looks out at Ted, another guest character, who is trying to change his tire. Norton says, “You see, it looks a little dark there. It looks a little later in the day like we are nearing dusk, sunset.”

Later, John Boy and Sarah go outside to assist with the tire change. Judy Norton says this is where the error comes in. “Yet, when they go outside to help with the tire, it seems earlier in the afternoon.” Then, she explained how the discrepancy happened. “I believe those were just shot at different times and the one that was supposed to be earlier was shot later. So, the sky looks darker.”