‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Reveals ‘The Chicken Thief’ Episode Had a ‘Disaster’ in Post-Production

by Chase Thomas

The Waltons is one of the best and most iconic shows of the last few decades. It was a show that resonated with so many folks over so many years. The chemistry between the cast radiated from the screen throughout its time on television. Now, though, older fans who loved the original have gotten an opportunity to relive the program on the CW. The Waltons: Homecoming special debuted back in December and it was a big hit with so many of those fans. It was an opportunity for those fans to experience it all over again with younger fans. One of those stars, Judy Norton, is revisiting the show on her YouTube page. Yes, The Waltons star Judy Norton revealed “The Chicken Thief” episode had a “disaster” in post-production.

It was an issue with when the episode was shot. There was some question about the best time to shoot. The director wanted to shoot during the day with “night filters.” However, this did not end well for this episode. Norton revealed that the director said, “Half of the film was destroyed at the lab during developing.”

However, thankfully, they were able to return later and re-shoot those scenes that were destroyed during development.”

Judy Norton on ‘The Waltons’

Why was the show so popular? Why did it resonate for so long that eventually led to the program being revisited on the CW in 2021?

Well, Norton told Movie Hole, “The show is in Canada and other parts of the world, what a legacy, a timeless show,” she said. Norton continued, “Timeless things and family values, core human experiences – those aren’t strictly about the 1930s and 40s; I think it’s so important that that is represented in our films and TV today.”

The values hold up today. That hasn’t changed for folks and it’s important to still see today.

Norton continued, “I think most of it was really cast-related, working with a group of people I love, sitting around and doing table scenes.” She just enjoyed being around the cast and working with one another. They all got along and had to make it fun under the circumstances. She continued, “We would be in there all day and the set would get so hot with 30 people in there – with the cast and crew – and we’d get punchy, we would get silly.”

Norton concluded, “Ralph Waite would crack off-color jokes and then Michael (Learned) would start laughing and couldn’t stop. Then Mary McDonough would hold her hand to try and get her to stop. When you have that comfort level of working with people, those things were very special.”

You can watch The Waltons: Homecoming on the CW.