‘The Waltons’: Mary Ellen Actor Judy Norton Refused to Eat One Dish During Thanksgiving Episode

by Courtney Blackann

There’s not many Thanksgiving dishes we wouldn’t eat. The green bean casserole is maybe questionable. But other than that, pretty much every Thanksgiving food is a hard yes. However, for actress Judy Norton of “The Waltons,” the star says she passed on the Thanksgiving meals while filming the popular show.

In an interview with MeTV, Norton opened up about her experiences on set with food – particularly the Thanksgiving episode. While “The Waltons” episodes centered around meal time, the child actors didn’t necessarily appreciate all the meals provided during filming. This is especially true when it came to relish, Norton said.

“I don’t like relish,” Norton says, “So at the point when I’m being given the relish to taste, I can guarantee I wasn’t eating that relish. I was faking that.” She continued, “If you couldn’t see that someone was eating, if it was something I didn’t like, I avoided eating it.”

We agree that you don’t normally see relish as a traditional Thanksgiving side, but every family is different. And under the right circumstances, relish is a a fantastic addition. Like maybe during a baseball game with a couple of beers and some hot dogs.

“The Waltons” Are Still Close, Former Actor Says

“Waltons” actor John Walmsley played Jason Walton on the famous family show. While he has plenty of experience as an actor, he shares that no one was closer than the “Waltons” cast, which made the show fun to be a part of.

In an interview with Fox News, Walmsley opened up about his close knit working relationships with his former costars.

“Amazingly, we’re all still close,” Walmsley said. “Which is a rare occurrence in television. Usually, a show ends and everyone goes their separate ways. We see each other periodically at fan events or weddings or funerals, and lately, on Zoom – just like real families. It’s always great to get together for a drink, a hug… and talk about what our kids are doing.”

With the clan getting back together for a reboot Christmas special, Walmsley has some thoughts on how that will hopefully affect families that choose to watch the reboot.

“I think CW hopes to offer a program that families can watch together,” Walmsley says. “In 1971, most families had one television set. Now everyone in the family has their own television, not to mention computers and mobile phones. ‘The Waltons’ provide not only an opportunity for family viewing but hopefully a window into a time when multi-generational families spent a great deal more time together.”

Though there’s been some debate around the Christmas special and the reboot, “The Waltons” special should be something families everywhere are open to – with its wholesome message and nostalgic feel, it’s sure to be a warm holiday movie.