‘The Waltons’: One Actress Played Two Different Characters That Were a Love-Interest of Yancy

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/WireImage)

Old-school television is full of so many great secrets and little trivia facts. That is especially true for The Waltons and all the talent that was on the show.

The 1970s were full of great TV. The Waltons brought the down-home country family to the homes of millions of Americans. Even all these years later, the show holds a special place in the history of American television and entertainment.

For those that want to know about all of the behind-the-scenes moments, the trivia, the who did this, and when they did it, Judy Norton has you covered. She starred in the show all those years ago, and now has a YouTube channel where she talks all things about the show that fans would want to hear about.

She was talking about The Chicken Thief episode. Beloved character Yancy was in a tight spot. However, when he was in jail he had visitors. That included a woman by the name of Jane, a love interest for the Robert Donner character.

“It was the character, Jane Aspen,” Norton explained. “I thought Oh gosh, she looks very familiar. And it turns out it was indeed Cissy Wellman who came back later in the series to play Sissy who ends up marrying Yancy. So, a different character, but same actress, and Robert Donner’s wife in real life.”

‘The Waltons’ Editing for John Boy Scene

When you think about The Waltons you might not think about video editing as a major part of the show. However, that would be foolish. There are moments in the show that took a lot of hard work in order to make come to life. Norton talked about one of those moments in the Yancy-focused episode.

In The Chicken Thief, there is a moment when John Boy gets a note. He walks down the stairs, comes down, and walks out of the house. However, those shots were taken in two different locations.

“An opportunity to see editing in play,” Norton explained. “In this case, you see John Boy coming down the stairs and you’re shooting through the screen door. This would have been shot on stage 26. Interior. He comes down and exits. Then, he would have a different time, been shot at the exterior of the house.”

“Everybody,” she continued, “connected with hair, wardrobe, makeup, and had to make sure everything Richard was wearing, all matched so everything went together seamlessly.”

From repeating love interests to neat breakdowns of the editing that went into the work behind the scenes. If there is one person who has the answers that fans want, it is Judy Norton. She does such a great job honoring the show and all it means to fans.