‘The Waltons’ Reboot Director Compares Modern Day to the 1970s

by Clayton Edwards

The return of the Walton family is right around the corner. The reboot, titled The Waltons’ Homecoming premieres tomorrow, November 28th, on the CW Network. The cast and crew hope that this Christmas special, like the original, will bring families together. Many people say that the world is in need of more wholesome family entertainment and this made-for-TV movie fits the bill.

Lev L. Spiro, who directed The Waltons’ Homecoming thinks that the time is right for the reboot. In a promotional behind-the-scenes video for the upcoming movie, he talked a little about why the timing was so perfect.

About that, Spiro said, “The original film and the series came out in 1972. The country was more deeply divided than at any time, in my lifetime, up until today.” Spiro is right on the money. The world needs some of what The Waltons can offer us, especially in the Christmas season.

‘The Waltons’: An Oasis of Peace in an Ocean of Unrest

Don’t worry, we’re not getting into current events here. However, it would be very hard to miss how divided we are as a nation right now. That seems to come into sharper focus as the holiday season goes forward and we reconnect with those we don’t usually see. Our current culture adds a little more worry to an already potentially stressful time of year.

When the Waltons hit the screen for the first time in 1971’s The Homecoming: A Christmas Story, it was much the same. Social justice movements were on the rise. People were protesting in the streets. Additionally, America’s involvement in the conflict in Viet Nam was front-and-center in many minds. At the same time, the hippy movement was on the decline. All across the nation, things were in upheaval. A great wave of social, political, and cultural change was about to break on our shores.

However, The Waltons gave viewers a break from all of that turmoil. Once a week, families could gather around the TV and take a trip back to a simpler time. The series and films took place in rural Appalachia around the time of The Great Depression. For that brief moment every week, people didn’t have to worry about social upheaval or war. It was, in short, a breath of fresh air.

Those behind The Waltons’ Homecoming hope to replicate that feeling. For some, the reboot will be a fresh look back at a simpler time. However, for viewers of a certain age, the effect might be two-fold. Sure, it’s an escape back to 1940s Appalachia. But, more than that, it will be a heavy dose of childhood nostalgia.

The Waltons’ Homecoming premieres tomorrow, November 28th at 8/7c on the CW Network. It will join the network’s streaming catalog on Monday.