‘The Waltons’ Remake Producer Compares Current Day to Struggles of 1930s

by Chase Thomas

We are just a few weeks away, Outsiders, from The Waltons: Homecoming premiering on the CW. The reboot debuts on Nov. 28 and Richard Thomas, the star of the original The Waltons on CBS years ago, will reportedly appear on the program as a way to transition into the next era of the television show.

Ahead of the premier, Thomas spoke about working on the show then and spoke about how divided the country was, even at that time.

Thomas said, “The line went right down the middle of the dinner table, a lot of the time. It was the beginning of a sort of balkanization where the demographic was split within the household. There were more televisions. So one of the great things about the show was that it brought people together. Young people could see a story about older people, and older people could remember their childhood. And the faith element was just — you can’t really tell the story about people in that part of America in 1933 without a faith element. That was a huge part of people’s lives, and it still is around the country.”

It’s a very astute point from Thomas who recognizes that The Waltons has something for everyone. Each member of the family plays a different role. What’s better is that even if you’re a young person you are drawn to the older people and the same is true on the flip side with older folks.

Perhaps most interesting is that he sees the prominence of the faith element in the show and why that still resonates today just as it did in 1933. That area the show highlights still fits this perspective. Faith still being a strong part in that part of America then and now has not changed.

‘The Waltons’ Remake Producer Wants More Original Stars to Join

If you thought Thomas was going to be the only original start from the hit CBS show to return you might be mistaken. The executive producer Sam Haskell said, “I want to bring every original cast member in as a guest”, according to Deadline. He continued, “to play a teacher or a nurse or a doctor. I want to integrate the original cast into the series and future movies.”

Yes, it won’t just be Thomas you see back on the small screen on the CW for The Waltons: Homecoming. You just might see the whole original bunch. However, it seems as though their appearances will be sporadic, that they will not follow any sort of order. They will appear when the right role pops up for them and it makes sense for all the parties involved.

Either way, expect to see a lot of familiar faces on The Waltons: Homecoming this fall.