‘The Waltons’ Star Ronnie Claire Edwards Had a Rocky Marriage During the Show’s Run

by Courtney Blackann

It’s not uncommon for Hollywood romances to flicker brightly before suddenly dissipating into smoke just as quick. We’ve seen it a thousand times. And how those actors don’t let their personal lives slide into their work is beyond me. However, “The Waltons” actress Ronnie Claire Edwards was incredibly professional while filming the show, even as her real-life marriage was crumbling.

Edwards appeared on “The Waltons” as Corabeth Walton, who would marry Ike Godsey in a whirlwind episode.

In a recent article by MeTV, the outlet shared some personal details about the actress’ real-life whirlwind romance with producer, actor and key grip Bill Record.

Though the marriage lasted little more than a year, Edwards often gushed about the man she so quickly fell in love with. The two were wed on Labor Day in 1976 and soon planned a life and home together.

This included a movie-set-like saloon which was used for entertaining. This was Edwards favorite part of the home.

“We both wanted a saloon,” Edwards said. “I couldn’t buy a bar to go in this room, because they’re too big. It’d be like trying to move a couple of baby grand pianos.”

Friends Remember Ronnie Claire Edwards

Friends of the late actress even shared how after her marriage fell apart, she still loved that saloon.

“It’s a funny room,” Edwards said. “It’s just a set. And it’s perfect for entertaining. When people see the room, they just holler. People just gravitate in here. This is the room everybody stays in.”

Following her divorce, Edwards moved to Dallas and purchased an old church she converted into a mansion. It was equipped with eccentric details all around. However, friends of “The Waltons” star shared that it was full of her personality.

“She was incredibly creative and imaginative,” friend Marty Van Kleeck said. “She was one of a kind, the kind of person you hope you meet in your lifetime and rarely get the opportunity to.”

Edwards unfortunately passed away in 2016, but she’s remembered for being full of life.

“Corabeth was a character and Ronnie Claire was an even bigger character,” fellow cast member Mary McDonough said. “She was larger than life and so whip-smart and funny.”

“The Waltons” Actress Shares Her Views on Her Character’s ‘Young’ Marriage

Speaking of marriage, another “Waltons” actress has some thoughts on the practice. Judy Norton, who played Mary Ellen shared how she wishes her character didn’t get married so young on the show.

In her web series of behind the scenes information about “The Waltons,” Norton shared her viewpoint.

“I probably would have not had Mary Ellen get married as early as she did. Perhaps Erin, who was a little more inclined to all those different romances, got married young instead of Mary Ellen. Perhaps Mary Ellen went to school and became an engineer or something.”