‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Discusses Mary Ellen’s Romances on the Show

by John Jamison

Are you ready for this, “The Waltons” fans? We have a timeline of Mary Ellen Walton’s love life throughout her time on the iconic series. And it’s only 40 years late. Better late than never, though, and it’s not like we can help that Judy Norton waited until recently to share all of her firsthand experience on the show with fans. But we’re certainly grateful.

America followed along as the Walton kids grew up in their depression-era Virginia mountain community. Judy Norton played Mary Ellen Walton for the entire 210-plus episode run of the show. As a result, fans watched her grow up before their eyes. Part of that process involved plenty of romance and heartbreak.

In a YouTube series titled “Ask Judy,” Norton takes fans behind the scenes of “The Waltons.” In her most recent upload, she recounted the many relationships and crushes her character experienced over her decade on the show.

The Men of Mary Ellen’s Life on ‘The Waltons,’ In Judy Norton’s Own Words

Who better to take us through the ins and outs of Mary Ellen’s love life than the person who lived it?

“My first boyfriend was GW Haines. We met at school. He was my boyfriend for a few seasons, and then I sort of moved on from him. So we kind of broke up because I think I got interested in new boys,” said Norton.

However, it didn’t take long for Mary Ellen to experience the flip side of unrequited young love.

“From there, there was ‘The Minstrel’ who I had a crush on, but that was not reciprocated. So that one didn’t happen. Then there was the crush I had on the assistant director in ‘The Abdication.’ We walked to Ike’s store, and that was about the extent of that relationship,” Norton continued.

As Mary Ellen grew, so too did the complexities of her love life.

“And then there was David Spencer, who I met as a nurse, because he was a doctor. Then we were engaged, and we broke up because I met Curt and decided I was going to marry Curt.”

Mary Ellen Finally Settles Down

True to her word, Judy Norton’s character went ahead and married Curt. Though, it wouldn’t last. Or would it?

“Then, of course, it was Curt, who I met when he moved to the mountain to be a doctor. We were married until he was killed at Pearl Harbor, and then, I know, came back from the dead. We won’t get into that right now. I don’t know why they wrote that episode,” Norton finished.

Norton added that she was going to see if she could get to the bottom of some of the writing decisions made toward the end of “The Waltons.”