‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Opened Up About Sweet Moment After Ellen Corby’s Return

by Chase Thomas

One of the original stars of “The Waltons” was Judy Norton, who played Mary Ellen for many years on the program. Now, Norton is going back and revisiting each episode of the hit show that ran for seven seasons. In her latest episode, “The Waltons” star Judy Norton opened up about a sweet moment after the family’s grandmother, Ellen Corby, return home.

The moment involved Ellen meeting another generation in John Curtis and how sweet that was. “So I was very glad that we had that opportunity for the audience to see that moment,” Norton said in the video.

Fans agreed with Norton’s perspective on the moment for her. One fan wrote in the comments on YouTube, “Ellen Corby’s return–one of the gutsiest things I’ve ever seen an actor do.”

Another fan wrote, “Ellen was such a great actress. I can’t imagine anyone else playing her part. It took courage to come back after her stroke, I’m sure. What a great lady she was.”

Judy Norton from ‘The Waltons’ Now

Norton learned from the best on the set of “The Waltons”. It was a big-time deal for her and it set the stage for the rest of her career in Hollywood. She grew up on that show, like her costar Richard Thomas, and was surrounded by so many big-time actors. Norton, like Thomas, did theater and film and television after the show ended. It was all about diversifying your skillset and loving the craft. She, like Thomas, did a variety of projects after it was all said and done.

She told The College Crowd Digs Me, “Well, I guess since about ’91, I spent about eight years with a theater company up in Canada writing and directing. And I’ve stayed involved with a lot of that. Not just in the theater but also for film. I’ve recently written three films that have been produced and a number of series episodes, and I’m developing some film and television stuff. And of course, I still act. Right now I have a film that I’m probably going to be directing next spring. It’s kind of a family drama. And I have a couple of TV shows that I’m working on with a partner that are being pitched to networks. So I’m still busy working on both sides of the stage or screen so to speak.”

She did a variety of things after “The Waltons” ended. She did a variety of projects. However, she also transitioned a bit to more behind-the-scenes work as a writer and producer, too. That included both films and TV series. She has interests in both working on the stuff behind-the-scenes along with the on-screen work.

You can watch “The Waltons: Homecoming” on the CW.