‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Opens Up About Filming On Location for Snow Scenes in ‘Homecoming’ Movie

by Chase Thomas

Judy Norton was an original star from the hit show The Waltons. The Waltons: Homecoming just debuted on the CW earlier this month. Norton, the star of the original program, along with Richard Thomas, opened up about their own Homecoming movie. It was all the way back in 1972. It was written by Earl Hamner Jr. and called The Homecoming.

Norton revealed in the video on her personal YouTube page that they filmed the movie in November and October of 1971. Norton revealed that the opening sequence was actually filmed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In the scene, the Walton children are walking through a deep portion of snow, as Norton points out, and it fits with the time period that the movie was shot. It was late in the year in Wyoming, so it was a tall task to film on location for all of those kids in those conditions.

Judy Norton also revealed the shos in Wyoming for the outside, while the interior shots were saved for California. The film was then released in December of 1971.

Judy Norton on ‘The Waltons’

Judy Norton, like Thomas, became a star in Hollywood at a young age due to the show. She talked to Zoomer about that experience and said, “I don’t think I ever actually felt famous, which is probably a good thing. It was a different time in the early 1970s when we did The Homecoming and then The Waltons. There was no such thing as social media and the show wasn’t filmed in front of a live studio audience so we were always isolated from our fan base. We just had our close-knit circle as a cast. We showed up, did our job and had fun together. It was a pretty normal life. Sure, we did interviews and promotions for the series. But it wasn’t until years later that we got a real sense of the impact the show had.”

TV Has Changed

Judy Norton was kind of shielded from it all it sounds like. The cast was close. Plus, the lack of social media things a lot easier for the kids playing the stars of The Waltons.

She concluded, “Nowadays, you know every little detail about your favourite shows and actors—the good, the bad and the ugly—because everyone is talking about it online and nothing in your life is private. But as a teenager during filming, I could make the same stupid mistakes as any other kid and not worry about it spreading all over the Internet. There were times where I tried to assert my own independence and tried to throw my weight around and acted like a bit of a brat, but fortunately it was in a contained environment.”

Things were different back then for Norton. She empathizes with the plight of young actors now. It’s a different world. Things have changed. Norton would not change her experience it seems like. You can watch The Waltons: Homecoming on the CW.