‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Opens Up About Getting Recognized in Public

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Imagine being one of the most recognized actresses in the United States. This was the case for The Waltons star Judy Norton.

Even though it’s been four decades since she played Mary Ellen Walton on TV, fans of the show just know who it is when they see her in public.

Norton continues talking about the Earl Hamner-crated family drama in her YouTube series, Behind the Scenes of The Waltons.

A fan asked Norton if she ever had to wear some type of makeup to go out in public.

“No, no, never had to,” she said. “You know, it was a different era of The Waltons. And social media, for better or worse, was not a part of that. So yes, we were in teen magazines and things like that and we did get recognized at times but it didn’t create the frenzy of, say, teen idols or pop stars or things like that.

“People were generally very nice when they recognized us,” Norton said.

So, Outsiders, take a look at this episode from Norton’s series. This time, she is answering a lot of questions in the show’s Q&A.

Norton was a part of the entire series run of The Waltons and also appeared in six TV movies. These days, episodes of the series can be seen in syndication.

‘The Waltons’ Star Talks About Why She Missed One Episode of The Show

So, why did Norton happen to miss one episode of The Waltons?

She answers the question that a fan asks about certain people missing episodes.

Norton said that she knows that she missed one episode.

“It was around the time of The Grandchild so there was a point where they came to me,” Norton said, “and they just let me know that they didn’t always know the air dates of shows. And the airing of the two-part episode of where I had the grandchild, they weren’t sure when CBS wanted to air that.

“There was the possibility that the one episode they were shooting would happen before the grandchild or not,” Norton said.

Well, this is something to consider. The Waltons show producers didn’t know if Mary Ellen should be pregnant or not in this episode.

Norton said that if the episode aired before she had the grandchild, then she should be pregnant.

“If it aired after, I wasn’t supposed to be pregnant,” she said. “They had one episode where they said ‘We just can’t have you in it. We’re going to write your character out of it so it can air either way.”

Since the show left CBS, Norton has been keeping busy as she has done musicals and stage plays. Yet, people still connect her to The Waltons.