‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Opens Up About How She Unwinded After Leaving Set

by Clayton Edwards

To many people, acting looks like an amazing job. To be fair, it probably is. Actors get to show up for work and make stories come to life. Additionally, the truly lucky and talented ones get to live the kinds of lavish lives that most folks can only dream of. However, even with a job like that, work can be stressful. All of that on-screen magic takes a ton of effort from the cast and crew. Judy Norton is one actor who knows all about that.

Judy Norton played Mary Ellen, the oldest daughter of the Walton Family. She took first took the role at the age of 13 for the made-for-TV movie, The Homecoming: A Christmas Story. Then, she reprised the role for the show’s nine-season run as well as the subsequent movies. However, Her acting career didn’t start or end with The Waltons. She had two roles before The Homecoming. Currently, she is involved in two upcoming films, according to IMDb.

When she’s not working on new movies, Judy Norton runs a web series in which she takes fans behind the scenes of The Waltons. Norton shares personal stories from her time on the show and more. In a recent installment of the series, Judy talked about how she unwinded after a long day of shooting the iconic TV show.

Judy Norton Opens Up About Unwinding at the End of the Day

A fan named Esther asked Judy Norton, “I know you all probably had to work long hours, but was it hard to transition back to real life when you were given time off from the set? Also, did you all go home every day after filming or did you guys have to live on the set for a time?”

Judy Norton assured Esther that the cast of The Waltons went home every night. Additionally, she said that sleeping on the set wasn’t possible. However, an actor could go into their dressing room and rest their eyes. That was about the extent of it, though. Most of what we see in the show took place on several smaller sets on a soundstage.

Then, Judy Norton opened up about going back to real life and unwinding after working on the show. “As for going home, yeah, it was long hours. But, I’ve always found it pretty easy to just, ya know, take a deep breath at the end of the day, no matter what kind of work I’ve been doing, and let it go. And I’m happy to step off the set, change my clothes, and go back into my own life.”

Judy Norton went on to say that unwinding after a day of shooting The Waltons was never hard for her. However, she adds, “Every actor is different.”