‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Opens Up About Spending Off Time With Cast Mates

by Clayton Edwards

The Waltons ran for nine years and produced several made-for-TV movies. Judy Norton and most of her on-screen siblings were there for all of it. In a way, they grew up together on the set of the classic television series. So, it would be easy to think that the actors who played the Walton siblings maintained their familial bond even when the cameras weren’t rolling.

Today, many of the remaining cast members are still connected to The Waltons. For example, Richard Thomas played John Boy for five seasons. He helped to bring the reboot of The Homecoming to life earlier this year. Judy Norton hosts a web series in which she gives her fans a look behind the scenes of The Waltons. Additionally, several of the cast members still get together for publicity events.  Every time they’re together, it looks like a group of old friends reuniting.

On the most recent installment of her web series, Judy Norton opened up about how close she was to the rest of cast of The Waltons.

Judy Norton on Hanging Out with Her Waltons Family

In this episode of her web series, Judy Norton took questions about the show and her life from fans. One wrote in to ask, “When you weren’t shooting did you spend your off time with your castmates?”

Judy Norton said, “Sometimes. Not all the time.” After all, they spent hours together every week shooting for the show. So, as Norton put it, “Sometimes it was like ‘Okay, that’s enough. I’d like to spend some time with my own family and personal friends away from [The Waltons].”

At the time, though, they did publicity events for the show. So, they spent that time together. However, Judy Norton said there were times when they would get together to have some off-set fun.

A Cruise with a Castmate

Judy Norton was close to Mary McDonough. So close, in fact, they took vacations together when they were on the show. One time, the two Waltons stars took a cruise together. While there, they didn’t want to think about work or the show. So, they didn’t tell anyone who they were. However, someone on the ship recognized them and word spread quickly. After all, The Waltons was one of the most popular shows on TV at the time. As a result, the young ladies were big stars.

While talking about spending time with castmates, Judy Norton mentioned this cruise in passing. Then, Norton noted that she and McDonough stayed close. They would visit one another when they were shooting different things or working in theatres.

All in all, the cast of The Waltons was like a second family for most of the cast. Just like a regular family, they spent quality time together but also needed time apart.