‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Reveals a Dangerous On Set Stunt

by Joe Rutland

When she was playing Mary Ellen on “The Waltons,” actress Judy Norton did a dangerous on-set stunt as part of her character.

Norton, in her YouTube series “Behind the Scenes of The Waltons,” talks about this stunt.

A fan writes in and remembers seeing her walk on the roof of the Waltons’ home. So, this fan asks if there were any safety precautions put in place. “It looks like you were just up there on your own,” the fan writes.

Norton said, “I was just up there on my own. So, no safety precautions there, and being a two-stories side, it was a little intimidating.

“I think I’ve mentioned the episode ‘The Carnival’ when I was supposed to be tightrope walking on the roof of the barn, that was not me,” Norton said. “That was a stunt double. So those were the safety precautions there. But, for the most part, if you saw people up and around, it was really us doing it.”

‘The Waltons’ Actress Played Mary Ellen Walton Throughout All Nine Seasons

Now, Outsiders, Norton played the role of the daughter throughout all nine seasons that “The Waltons” was on CBS. She even played that role in six TV movies, including the pilot, “The Homecoming: A Christmas Story.”

The CBS family drama starred Ralph Waite and Michael Learned as parents John and Olivia Walton, respectively. Others in the cast included Richard Thomas, Ellen Corby, Will Geer, Kami Cotler, and Jon Walmsley.

“The Waltons” is one show that has continued to gain fans over the years thanks to syndication.

Her Character Goes Through Some ‘Changes’ in Memorable Episode

Many people who tuned in week after week for “The Waltons” had a chance to take notice when different characters went through changes.

Well, it happened for Norton as she talked about a Season 3 episode called “The Thoroughbred.”

She elaborated on that topic in another episode of her YouTube series.

What type of change? Hairstyle. That’s it, Mary Ellen changed her hairstyle.

Norton raises viewers’ awareness about having that hair in a bun. The actress also thought her character was getting mature. And, she believed with Mary Ellen growing that having her hair up instead of down was the way to go.

Um, that bun, Outsiders, was something that didn’t hang around.

She said that she didn’t remember if it was in Season 3 or another season. “But I got tired of it being in a bun and started wearing it down again,” Norton said.

Well, the actress said there were comments in the episode about Mary Ellen becoming more agreeable.

“When asked to do something, she’s just like ‘yeah sure,'” Norton said. Sounds like she grew up a bit.