‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Reveals Her Favorite Episodes from Series

by Keeli Parkey

If you want to learn details about the making of “The Waltons,” a great place to get that information is the YouTube channel of actress Judy Norton. She played Mary Ellen Walton in the beloved family drama.

In addition to sharing her memories from the making of the show, Norton often answers questions posed to her by fans. She refers to this segment of her “Behind the Scenes of ‘The Waltons'” series as “Ask Judy.”

On Nov. 11, Norton posted her latest “Ask Judy” segment. One fan wanted to know about her favorite episodes of the series. The fan asked Norton to divide her answer into three times periods of the show.

“Interesting question here from Paul. He said, ‘I think the series did a great job transitioning as it went along and the characters grew and matured. If you broke the series into three portions – early, middle, and later years – what episodes would you consider as your favorites for each timeframe?'” Judy Norton shared.

As she typically does, the 63-year-old actress went into great detail in her answer. She began by saying she was going to divide her answer into three-year periods. So, the first period was made up of seasons one, two, and three. The second consisted of seasons four, five, and six. The third was made up of seasons seven, eight, and nine.

Regarding the first three seasons of “The Waltons,” Norton chose “The Easter Story,” “The Literary Man,” and “The Awakening.”

She said she chose “The Awakening” episode “because it was a very significant episode for Mary Ellen and really was, I think, a turning point for her in terms of maturity, so love that.”

Her Favorite Episode of ‘The Waltons’ Involved Character Development, ‘Brilliant Work,’ History, and Fun on the Set

From the fourth, fifth, and sixth seasons, Judy Norton chose “The Nurse” as another favorite. It too was important to the development of the Mary Ellen character. She also named “The Best Christmas” and “The Firestorm.”

Norton described “The Firestorm” as one of her “all-time favorite episodes” of “The Waltons.”

I thought Richard Thomas and John Ritter just did brilliant work. And again, love the storyline and the message with Mrs. Brimmer and what she reveals when she picks up that book and starts reading the Bible in German,” the actress also said.

From the last three years of the series, Judy Norton chose the episode “Day of Infamy,” which focused on the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the aftermath. She also named “The Spirit” and “The Wager” as her other favorites from this time period of “The Waltons.”

She remembers “The Wager” as being a fun time to work on the set. “I wouldn’t say I thought it was one of our best episodes, but for me, it was one of my favorites to film because I got to go to work all day and ride horses,” Norton also shared.

You can watch “The Waltons” star Judy Norton answer fan questions below. Her comments about her favorite episode of the series begin around the five-minute mark of the video.