‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Reveals One Thing That Became an Instinct While Filming

by Chase Thomas

The Waltons, after so many decades away, returned on the CW with The Waltons: Homecoming in December. With Richard Thomas narrating, the return was a hit. It has fans excited for the future of the series on the network. However, a lot of folks wonder about filming the original show. How it all worked and where it was shot back in the day. One of the stars who spoke about that was Judy Norton. The Waltons star Judy Norton recently revealed one thing that became an instinct for her while filming.

For Norton, she revealed that she pulled her back during scenes on the program for one very specific reason. So that the camera could see her. She mentions that this is an instinct actors develop over time. She said in the video, “When I first sit down, you’ll see that my hair kind of falls in front of my face. Well, immediately the camera can’t see my eyes.” Hence the instinct by Norton to move her hair back to ensure that the cameras can see her.

Judy Norton on ‘The Waltons’

Norton had a great run on the original program. However, like Richard Thomas, she got her start and the part quite young. She was just a kid when she starred on the show. She also remembered that the show was originally placed in a difficult timeslot.

Judy Norton said, “For the longest time we were up against two of the most popular shows on TV—Mod Squad and The Flip Wilson Show.” This was tough. She continued, “We were basically on the death block. The ratings were not good and the producers did a major grassroots campaign to gather an audience, particularly in middle America.”

So there was a chance the show never caught on. However, it did and eventually became the iconic show folks remember and revisit today.

Norton was a kid, though, and said “I don’t think I ever actually felt famous, which is probably a good thing.” She continued, “I think all of us, the whole cast, remained pretty grounded.” Being that famous that young can be hard, similar to the Robertsons on Duck Dynasty.

Norton continued, “I’ve always had a natural aptitude for performing although I’m sure I thought I was more brilliant than I actually was.” She believed in herself and her abilities to get the part and star on the original program. She concluded, “Along the way, though, my skill set measured up to my confidence.”

You can watch The Waltons: Homecoming on the CW.