The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Reveals What Story Lines She Would Have Liked for Show

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

Judy Norton is back with her now-iconic “Ask Judy” segments on YouTube. There, she takes fan questions and gives her answers in the form of experience and opinion. It’s great fun for any fan of “The Waltons” new or old.

In this video, she was asked if she’d ever wanted to write for “The Waltons,” and what storylines she would include, where she would go with the characters, and what the mountain would look like.

Norton answered, “During the series, there was a storyline that came to mind. It was after Eddie Ramirez in ‘The Medal’ came through.”

“The Medal” was a season 8 episode that features the character Eddie Ramirez coming to find Mary Ellen. He visited to tell her that her late husband Curtis was awarded the silver star. A romance blossoms between the two, but eventually Eddie leaves to join his airborne division in the D-Day attack.

“I thought, that would be a fun character to bring back,” Norton admitted. “I started to sort of outline and write something, but I never did anything with it.”

She then spoke about other ideas that have crossed her mind. “I know during later seasons,” she continued, “there was an episode where Erin and Mary Ellen get an apartment in town […] and Mary [Elizabeth McDonough] and I would talk about wouldn’t it be fun to have a spinoff with Erin and Mary Ellen living in town.” Norton laughs, and says, “Clearly that never happened.”

‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Answers Questions About Storylines

Norton continues, “As far as the actual series, I probably would have not had Mary Ellen get married as early as she did. Perhaps Erin, who was a little more inclined to all those different romances, perhaps she got married young instead of Mary Ellen.”

She shared her wishes for Mary Ellen, saying, “Perhaps Mary Ellen went to school and became an engineer or something.”

So, Judy Norton had higher hopes for her character, but it seems like she still loves her time on “The Waltons,” if her YouTube channel is anything to go by. Those storylines would definitely have been interesting; it would be neat to see what Mary Ellen could do as an engineer. Also, to see if Erin would’ve been happy marrying young.

In the reboot movie, “The Waltons’ Homecoming,” the storylines are definitely different, but the differences were more so in the characters. Mary Ellen, especially. She wore pants the entire time; while Mary Ellen did wear pants in the original series, that wasn’t until she was grown up. The times were different, and she made her own choices. The reboot was supposed to be set where the beginning of the series started off; 1933 Virginia. Things were just too modern in the reboot for some fans to handle.