‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Reveals Which Actors Fit Really Well With Cast

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Tibrina Hobson/WireImage)

The Waltons saw a lot of new actors come on the show during its nine-year run. And all of them were famously loved by the original cast members.

So during an episode of Behind the Scenes with Judy Norton, one fan asked Norton if any particular actors “melded” with the original cast members better than most.

First, Norton mentioned that there were no actors who made her think “oh gosh, that didn’t work at all.” So in that respect, The Waltons was pretty fortunate.

But there were a handful of people that immediately came to Norton’s mind when she thought about who she truly enjoyed working with.

Two of those people were Leslie Winston and Richard Gilliland. They played Cindy Walton and Arlington “Jonesy” Jones.

“[They] slid right in and we loved working with them,” she said. “And they just fit in really well.”

Some of her other favorite actors were John Ritter (Rev. Fordwick), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Godsey), and Peggy Rae (Aunt Rose).

“Whether you were a big fan of Aunt Rose and the children coming in or not, they were lovely and we loved having them,” she added.

However, the set of The Waltons was just like every other workplace.

“You have different relationships with different people,” Norton admitted. “And different members of the cast might be closer to different cast people.”

But as a whole, the original cast members always did their best to make the set inviting for everyone who worked on the show.

“We just tried to embrace new people and make them feel welcome and do the best work we could do together, to create those relationships and those character relationships,” she concluded.

‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Was Often Recognized in Public

During an installment of Behind the Scenes with Judy Norton, The Waltons actress opened up about being a star in the 70s. And it wasn’t anything like modern-day stardom.

Judy Norton was only 14 when she first started playing Mary Ellen on The Waltons. At the time, the series was one of the most popular dramas on TV. So she was often recognized when she’d go out in public.

Because of that, one fan asked Norton if she ever had to put on a disguise to leave her house.

“No, no, never had to,” she admitted. “You know, it was a different era of The Waltons. And social media, for better or worse, was not a part of that. So yes, we were in teen magazines and things like that. And we did get recognized at times, but it didn’t create the frenzy of, say, teen idols or pop stars or things like that.”

And more importantly, Norton said that her fans were “generally very nice.” So she was able to live like a normal person during her reign as a television starlet.