‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Says Remake Cast Isn’t Trying to Imitate Original

by Clayton Edwards

When producers decide to reboot anything, it will get a reaction. This is especially true if something as beloved as The Waltons is the subject of said reboot. It’s not strange to see the fans and cast of the original iteration comment on the updated version. Several members of the cast of The Waltons have already weighed in on The Waltons’ Homecoming. Yesterday, Judy Norton took to her YouTube-based web series to talk a little about the upcoming TV movie.

As a refresher, Judy Norton played Mary Ellen Walton throughout the franchise’s entire run. She first took the role at the age of 13 in Homecoming: A Christmas Story. That made-for-TV movie served as the launchpad for the series. Additionally, it is at the center of the upcoming reboot. During her time on the show, Norton became close with the rest of the cast and several members of the crew. It’s obvious that she is incredibly proud of the show and her work on it.

So, it is interesting to hear Judy Norton’s take on The Waltons’ Homecoming. At one point during the most recent installment of her web series, Norton shared her opinions on the cast.

Judy Norton on the New Walton Family

Judy Norton started by saying, “One could say that any kind of copying is a sign that you are popular enough that people want to imitate you. In this case, it isn’t so much that they’re imitating us.” The Waltons will forever be its own special thing. Norton knows that the cast and crew of the reboot are creating something all their own.

“They are creating The Homecoming in a new light, in a new time,” she said. Norton goes on to say that the reboot comes, “at a point in history where I think the story and the need for family, family programming, that message of love and support is as important as it ever was.”

With that in mind, Judy Norton says, “I applaud what they are looking to do with this.”

Marcelle LeBlanc, the New Mary Ellen

Marcelle LeBlanc will step into the role of Mary Ellen in The Waltons’ Homecoming. She’s a little older than Norton was when she took the role and their careers are separated by decades. However, they have some similarities. For instance, they both found a familial bond with their fellow Waltons.

Recently, Judy Norton talked about how close the cast was as well as how she formed bonds with crew members on the classic series. Likewise, LeBlanc said that her favorite part of working on the Homecoming reboot was bonding with the cast and crew to “really form that family and that bond on set.”

It looks like the Walton family name is in good hands.

The Waltons’ Homecoming premieres tonight on the CW at 8/7c. It’ll be available to stream tomorrow.