‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Says They Filmed Holiday Episodes During Sweltering Summers

by Lauren Boisvert

In a behind-the-scenes look at holidays on “The Waltons,” former star Judy Norton shared tidbits from the set with fans. She did another segment of Ask Judy on her YouTube Channel. There, she takes fan-submitted questions and shares her experiences working on “The Waltons.”

Norton recently answered a question about when the episodes were filmed, revealing that they were all mostly done out of order.

“If we were doing Christmas episodes,” she started, “those were usually filmed in the late summer or early fall, around September or October.” She went on to explain why the schedule was so wonky, saying, “because those needed to air on Thanksgiving or at Christmas time. So, consequently, we were often shooting those in the worst heat of the summer and there we were pretending it was cold and snowy and windy and everything.”

And “The Waltons” was set in 1933; that’s a lot of wool to be walking around in during the summer. They must have kept the indoor sets very cool, because surely fans would have noticed them all sweating in their long-sleeved wardrobes.

“That was a little brutal,” Norton says, “having all those heavy clothes on for takes, but that’s what you did. So, we might be decorating Christmas trees or singing Christmas carols in September and October, so, what the heck?” Norton laughs. “It was fun, it felt like the holidays started early.”

‘The Waltons’: What Fans Thought of the Remake Movie

The remake movie aired on the CW in late November, and fans of the original “The Waltons” series weren’t very happy with it.

“The Waltons’ Homecoming” follows the Walton family as they prepare for Christmas, but John Sr. still hasn’t come home. When news of his bus skidding off the road reaches the family, Olivia sends John-Boy out into the storm to find his father. Of course, they both come back safe and sound. The whole thing ends with the family together again at the church on Christmas Eve.

Fans were a little disappointed with some aspects of the remake. A handful took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts and share reviews of the movie. There were mentions of it being “too contemporary” for what’s supposed to be 1933 Virginia. Mary-Ellen wears pants and says swear words, and that characterization caught some fans off guard. Fans commented on the way the characters spoke to each other and their interactions. They claimed that the forced modernity took them out of the setting.

All in all, fans of the original “The Waltons” series were a bit disappointed in the remake. On the other hand, the stars of “The Waltons” were thrilled with the remake. They seemed proud that their show would be back on televisions everywhere.