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‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Shares Behind the Scenes Secrets from ‘The Bicycle’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Many fans enjoy digging more deeply into the shows they love. For many the extra knowledge allows them to have a deeper appreciation for the show. At the same time, it allows them to enhance the viewing of those who watch the shows with them. For instance, when a key moment with a nice piece of trivia behind it comes up, they can inform those around them about the complicated inner workings of the show. There are countless ways to learn more about television shows. For example, Yellowstone fans can listen to Bunkhouse Breakdown to get all the latest on the hit show. For fans of The Waltons, there’s Judy Norton and her web series.

Judy Norton played Marry Ellen Walton, the eldest daughter, for the series’ entire nine-year run. Additionally, Norton reprised her role for the made-for-TV movies based on the show. She was even in the original Christmas movie that launched the franchise. Today, Norton hosts a YouTube-based web series. In that series, she takes fans behind the scenes of The Waltons and removes much of the mystery behind the show. The best part about her series is that you’re getting all the dirt on the show from someone who was there from day one.

Sometimes, Judy Norton talks about broad topics on the show such as eating or the costumes they wore. Other times, she takes answers questions from her fans about her career and time on Walton’s Mountain. In installments like the latest one, Norton will take the time to break down an entire episode.

Judy Norton Digs into “The Bicycle”

  During the beginning of her exploration of the episode, Judy Norton points out an Ouija board in Ike’s store. However, she notes that it isn’t the round board from “The Ghost Story.” Instead, it is a classic rectangular board. It was an interesting tidbit that just about any fan of The Waltons could catch.

Next, Judy Norton shows points out a scene in which you can see a small stick on the ground. Norton points out that the stick was a “marker” that allowed the actress in the scene to know where to stand. Then, as the actors move away to end the scene, Judy points out the “T-marker” on the ground beside the stick. This, she notes, is something that people would miss in normal viewing. Catching this is how Norton’s perspective as an actor allows her to go deeper into trivia than most other sources.

Finally, Judy Norton notes that Oliva Walton has decided to ride the titular bicycle to get around. John asks her what people will think when they see her “riding around on that contraption.” Norton points out that this was out of character for the Walton family patriarch.