‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Talks Avoiding Pitfalls of Fame

by Clayton Edwards

It’s no secret that people who become famous at a young age usually live hard lives. Many child stars become addicted to drugs. Others end up being abused by their parents or people within the entertainment industry. Some deal with all of that and more. In short, fame is dangerous for young people. However, the cast of The Waltons seems to have escaped that fate. They all seem like well-adjusted people. Furthermore, you never hear about people like Judy Norton or Richard Thomas landing in rehab. So, they must have done something right.

These days, Judy Norton is still deeply connected to her Walton’s Mountain roots. When she isn’t getting together with her former castmates for reunions or charity events, she hosts a web series. In that series, Norton gives fans behind-the-scenes information about the classic show. Fans can learn all about The Waltons from someone who was there for the entire series. Sometimes, she takes questions from her audience.

In the latest installment of her web series, Judy Norton answered several questions from fans. One of those was about how the kids on The Waltons avoided falling victim to the entertainment industry.

Judy Norton on How the Cast of The Waltons Avoided the Pitfalls of Fame

One fan wanted to know, “With so many young actors in the 70s succumbing to so many pitfalls, why do you think your cast seemed to avoid all that?”

Judy Norton said, “That’s a good question,” and paused to think for a second. Then, she said, “I think it was a combination of things.”

According to Judy Norton, one of the most important things is that they had one another. The cast was like a small family. So, they could lean on one another in hard times. Furthermore, the actors who played the Walton siblings were all experiencing many of the same things. As a result, they were a wonderful support system.

Additionally, Judy Norton said that the kids on The Waltons were all lucky enough to come from good homes. They also had friends outside of the entertainment industry. At the same time, the adults on the show were protective of the kids. She added that it could have also had something to do with the content of the show overall.

“I think also because our show was a little more grounded in its content and there was no social media at the time. So, that helped. And, people didn’t go into a frenzy about The Waltons. We were sort of like their next-door neighbors. So, people didn’t really treat us like we were superstars.” This, she said, was fortunate. It allowed them to be on one of the biggest shows in the nation without letting the fame go to their heads.