‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Talks Doing Schoolwork In Between Scenes

by Hannah Heser

You probably remember Judy Norton as Mary Ellen Walton on the hit show, The Waltons. She recently went over a few things that fans don’t know on her behind-the-scenes of The Walton’s YouTube segment. This particular segment is, “Ask Judy.”

Firstly, one fan touches on how she did her school work in between scenes. Seems like it’d be hard to balance a full-time career while in school. I am a recent college graduate and I can only imagine the stress she felt.

The fan asked, “What’s it like being in the on-set classroom?”

“In between scenes I would go back to school until I was called to the stage again,” Norton answered. “Whatever you’re doing, you’re there waiting for the assistant director to come and say, ‘You’re on’ or ‘Go change for this scene.’ Sometimes someone will even say, ‘Go get your hair and makeup touched up’.”

Seems like the behind-the-scenes of a Hollywood set is similar to a game, or real-life appointments.

“So yeah, you pretty much just hang out and wait for when the directors need you next.”

In addition to the classroom, Norton also answered a few other behind-the-scenes questions. They varied from what happened if you’re sick to who she spent time with away from the spotlight.

Judy Norton Talks About Her Journey On The Waltons

Growing up on a reality show is a huge part of your life. It teaches you things nothing else would. For example, the spotlight encourages young people to grow up faster than everyone else. This is because the younger generations look up to who you are on-screen. So, you have to give them something that will inspire them. The Waltons, for example, was on air for nine seasons, which encouraged the cast to grow up faster than their friends back home.

Judy Norton has been making behind-the-scenes YouTube videos. And one of them discussed “The Journey” episode.

I know what you’re thinking, “Did this episode inspire fans?”

When she shared what the scene was about, it felt like we were living it again with her. For instance, she explained this heartwarming story well. And anyone that watches this video can get a sense of inspiration.