‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Talks How Reunion Specials Were Different Than Original Series

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The Waltons ended in 1981 after nine years on the air. However, showrunners brought the cast back together in made-for-TV movies. The first of these, A Wedding on Walton’s Mountain aired in 1982. The final one, A Walton Easter aired in 1997. Each time, the whole cast came back and reprised their roles. It allowed fans to see how things were going with their favorite fictional family. At the same time, it allowed cast members like Judy Norton to reconnect with their on-screen family.

Today, many of the original cast members from The Waltons are still connected to the show. They appear together for special charity or reunion events. For example, the whole cast took part in Stars in the House, a series of charity events that benefited actors and musicians during the pandemics. Additionally, Richard Thomas recently helped bring The Waltons’ Homecoming to life. Judy Norton, on the other hand, is keeping the Waltons love alive with her web series. In that series, she takes fans behind the scenes of the classic show. Sometimes, she’ll break down episodes scene-by-scene. In some episodes, she answers questions from her fans.

In the latest episode of her web series, Judy Norton took several questions from fans. At one point, she discussed how different it felt when the cast came back together for the reunion specials.

Judy Norton on Reunion Specials Feeling Different

One fan wanted to know “Did filming the reunion episodes, particularly the ones in the 90s, feel different from shooting the original series? Was it easy to fall back into the character and the relationships with fellow cast members?”

Judy Norton said, “It was different after ten years off.” That’s not surprising. Things can change drastically in a decade. However, the relationships between the cast members of The Waltons didn’t change. “Those relationships were always there,” Norton said. “We continued to be close even when we weren’t filming. We saw each other, we got together, we talked, we shared experiences, we did events together.” So, falling back into the relationships was easy.

Then, Judy Norton added that “Falling back into those characters that we had done for 220 something episodes was pretty easy.” Summing all of this up, Norton said, “It was like we never stepped away.”

There were some major differences between the specials and the original series, though. For instance, Judy Norton said, “What seemed different was we were older, the storylines were different, we were now grown up.“ Sometimes, she added, the sets and aspects of the sets felt different. Those differences didn’t bother the Walton actors. They still had the strong bonds that they built on the show. That was enough to carry them through any surprises the reunion specials could throw at them.