‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Talks One Door In House That Was Always a Bit of a Mystery

by Chase Thomas

The Waltons was an iconic show of the time. Now, though, the show is back on the CW much to the delight of so many fans of the original. With its return with The Waltons: Homecoming, folks have the opportunity of showing their kids the show they loved growing up and why they liked it as much as they did at the time. One of the stars from that original was Judy Norton. In a new video, The Waltons star Judy Norton talked about one door in the house that was always a bit of a mystery.

Norton talks about this mystery door in the video. She says, “Grandma comes out of that mystery door in the living room.” Why does that matter? Well, Outsiders, this moment with grandma was one of the only times anyone on the show ever came in or out of that door. Yes, Norton confirmed that this was a mysterious door located by the front door of the house. It wasn’t clarified what was behind it, but at one point grandma did make her way out of it.

How Judy Norton got on ‘The Waltons’

Norton got her start on The Waltons. But how did she get on the show? Norton told The College Crowd Digs Me, “I’d already been acting since I was about six, so I was always going out on various auditions. And this particular audition was just for that Christmas movie, “The Homecoming.” At the time we were filming it, nobody knew they were going to turn it into a series. For the audition, we read the scene in the barn where we were cracking walnuts which was great for me because Mary Ellen had quite a lot to do in that scene. So it allowed me the opportunity to stand out a bit.”

She did not know where it was going. She saw it as a one-time thing for the movie, but the movie turned into something more.

How It Happened

Judy Norton continued, “They did something sort of unusual in that they had all the actors who were auditioning for the kids there at the same time. They would put together a group of boys and girls and take us in like six at a time. I don’t remember if they had any auditioning actors read for John-Boy ’cause I believe that they’d already cast Richard Thomas at that point.” Everybody worked together and auditioned in those groups.

Judy Norton concluded, “So the casting director may have just read that role with all of the other kids. I had that one audition and then a couple of times they called me back and we sort of did the same thing. On the final audition, I guess they just wanted to see us all together. There were the six of us and they had us all in the room and they looked at us and said, ‘Okay. You are the actors we’d like to have do this film.'”

You can watch The Waltons: Homecoming on the CW.