‘The Waltons’ Star Judy Norton Talks Recreating Early 1900s in Original ‘Homecoming’ Movie

by Lauren Boisvert

Judy Norton is getting us all into the holiday spirit with another Behind the Scenes of The Waltons segment. This time, it’s about the original “Homecoming” movie. In the video, she discusses what it was like to recreate the era of the early 20th century.

“I loved the way they really created the era in this original movie,” she starts, “from the cinematography, which had a sort of darker, grittier feel to it, as if it really was hard times. Even more so than during the series, and I’m sure that was intentional.”

True, while the cinematography is still a little gritty in the series, it’s not nearly as dark; there’s much more light and outdoor spaces, as if things are getting better for the family. Norton goes on to comment on the film quality. She says, “Plus, we had the wonderful gift of shooting on 35-millimeter film, which is a much warmer and richer look than today’s shows.”

Judy Norton goes on to discuss the sets, and how certain pieces reflected the era. She speaks of a scene where the family is eating vegetable soup out of wooden bowls. “It’s a very simple meal which would be, I’m sure, very appropriate for that time period, and probably the type of lunch that Earl Hamner’s real family had during the time that he was growing up.”

So, “The Waltons” created the era with careful set design and atmosphere from the film itself. Costuming as well, obviously. But it was those little details like the vegetable soup and wooden bowls that really built the world of “The Waltons” and made it believable.

Judy Norton Talks to Marcelle LeBlanc About Her Experience In ‘The Waltons’ Remake

In a previous video, Judy Norton spoke with Marcelle LeBlanc on her experiences starring in the remake of the classic Christmas movie “The Waltons’ Homecoming.” LeBlanc also shared her thoughts on bringing the show to a new generation of fans.

“We wanted to take it and make our own spin on it,” she said, “and do something new to it, to help bring ‘The Waltons’ to a newer generation, which I’m really excited about.”

LeBlanc continued, “I know that a bunch of people came up to me and they were like, ‘I know The Waltons, my grandparents watch that show,’ or ‘I know The Waltons, my parents watch that show’ […] so, it’s been really great to kind of bring ‘The Waltons’ to an entire new generation that didn’t even know about it.”

“The Waltons’ Homecoming” brought in record ratings for the CW when it aired in November; it’s safe to say that both new and old fans were flocking to their TVs to catch another glimpse of the genuine, wholesome, hardworking Waltons.